Among Us clone to arrive in an exclusive version for Snapchat

Gone are the days when social networks were just places to post photos and meet old acquaintances. Today, the media is practically a “hub” for group activities, such as live broadcasts, interesting communications and, of course, online gaming. With a younger target audience, Snapchat bets on this last aspect to boost the use of its platform.

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The game ReVamp

was created by famous mobile developer Zynga —


, CityVille


Zynga Poker

are some of the of their titles — and repeats the success formula of

Among Us

. The idea is to use the social network’s user base as a springboard to allow multiplayer gaming, without needing a new account or switching apps.

ReVamp is Among Us with vampires and for social network (Image: Reproduction/Zynga)

Exit the alien, enter the vampire

Instead of Biped aliens running through the spaceship to do tasks and find a killer, the game has vampires as a villain. Get ready to race through the mansion with a group of friends to try to find and stop the bloodsucker from taking new victims. As a vampire, your mission is to eliminate the other characters in a disguised way, without raising suspicions, until you eliminate all the other players.

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To distract the players,


will feature a task system already employed in

Among Us

and in

Suspects: Mystery Mansion


If all non-vampires fulfill their duties before the annihilation, then the vampire leaves the game defeated.

One of the new features of the game is the possibility of applying renovations in the house where the dispute takes place, which should offer more chances of survival, according to Zynga. The company has not yet stated how this should work, but the expectation is that shortcuts or tools will be released to make life difficult for vampires.

Exclusive to Snapchat

The title is the result of a partnership between Zynga and the owner of Snapchat, in 94, to develop exclusive games for the social network. This will be the third focused exclusively for this format — the other two are

Bumped Out and Tiny Royale

— with the goal of retaining more people in the ecosystem.

Games via social media were popular in the beginning of the last decade (Image: Reproduction/CityVille)


is still under development and there is no specific release date. The fact is that the format created by

Among Us

fits perfectly with the idea of ​​social games

, which is not necessarily a guarantee of success. At the beginning of Facebook and at the end of Orkut’s life, social games were on the rise, with

Happy Harvest

as the main exponent in the segment, but, over time, fashion has cooled and few people still venture into this genre.

Since the popularization of TikTok, both Instagram and Snapchat have lost users to videos short. As a result, both platforms developed similar solutions to keep their fan base, but this was not enough to stop the growth of the rival, which is already the most downloaded app in the world.

Source: Zynga

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