Review Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 | Cuts costs but loses performance

More compact, low-cost tablets. This is the category that accurately defines the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2018).

The model, in a way, represents the traits of the past generation of Samsung tablets; there is nothing wrong with your hardware, much less your system, but both reflect a strong tendency to treat the “tablet” experience as something more “vertical”, similar to what we might imagine a smartphone expanded in its dimensions.

None of this is a problem, but it makes it clear that the proposal of Tab A8 (2019), necessarily, delivers a “tablet from the past” to the user who chooses the device in 2018.

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Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


      Competitive price;

    • Compact model for a tablet;

    Wi Options -Fi and Wi-Fi + 4G;


  • Front camera poorly positioned for video calls; Thick edges (less use of the screen);
    Low performance, low memory and low storage;
  • Data port and delayed charging (Micro USB standard).
  • Check the current price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8

    Design and Construction

    The Galaxy Tab A8 reflects in almost all its aspects a bygone era of Samsung, with small details good and bad that have been present in these products for a long time.

    Starting with its body, we have the aluminum construction. The option is very good for the touch, combining with the leveled rear camera and its entire structure, without module jumps as it usually happens on more up-to-date tablets and smartphones, hindering the support of the equipment on virtually any surface.

    Around the tablet, we have the plastic frame that joins the metal back with the glass front; in this “around” Tab A8 of 2019 we only have the volume buttons next to the lock and unlock button, nothing extra or out of the ordinary.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    It is worth noting that, opposite the control buttons, there is a drawer for the user to insert a memory card into the tablet. When opting for the 4G version, the user will notice in this same drawer (additionally) a small space for insertion of a mobile phone operator’s chip.

    • Dimensions: 429 x 124, 4 x 8 mm;
  • Weight: 345 g (Wi-Fi) and 770 g (Wi-Fi + 4G).

    On the top of the device there is a 3.5 mm jack for connecting standard wired headphones, type P2. This feature is important for a low-cost tablet as it opens up the possibility of connecting headphones that are also more affordable, usually offered in cable versions.

    Observing the underside of the device, the presence of a Micro USB port on the tablet is visible, even when the Galaxy Tab A8 was launched in 2019. This connector for data transfer and upload might seem like a “low importance” detail at first glance. However, it is necessary to point out that we are talking about a tablet (bulky and “clumsy” equipment), so it makes a difference whether or not to count on a Micro USB port (more fragile, less effective and without the reversible fitting that a USB type C port has for default).

    This detail is especially sensitive when we put the device as a tablet option for a child, for example, especially because it is “less expensive” and more compact. The necessary care with Micro USB ports is greater, something of concern for children handling the model freely during the several (and recurrent) Tab A8 charging sessions. For 2020, it is also guaranteed that this tablet brings “one more charger” for indoors (and lower in all its proposals).

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


    As a fundamental part of the proposal for a tablet, we have a “passable” component for the Tab A8.

    Here we have an 8-inch screen ( : ) with resolution of 800 x 1024 pixels, lower than expected (so much for one panel as big as for the obvious “Full HD” brand, limiting the contents to “HD” only). The use of the screen on the device is also not the best, with thick edges taking up a lot of space in front of the Tab A8, having (approximately) 68% of use of the front of the device by its TFT screen.

    Given its low resolution (worsened by the “dilution” that occurs with the size of the panel), the tablet’s screen leaves something to be desired when reading texts and smaller icons, making the overall “image quality” experience “passable”, strongly associated with Samsung’s most advanced panels (something that is not the case with this Tab A).

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Another detail about this TFT-type panel is the brightness, which is lower than expected for those looking to use the tablet in very places illuminated. For indoor use, it shouldn’t really be a problem.

    An important note: other Samsung tablets use TFT LCD screens, however, specifically in the case of the panel used in this Tab A, a lot was to be desired in terms of performance.

    The user needs to keep in mind that this model has a lower cost device, therefore, he must be willing to have less vivid colors, images with a resolution slightly lower and an overall lower media consumption experience.

    Configuration and Performance

      Following the line of items that justify the more affordable cost of the Tab A, we have its processor and firepower reduced, both by the time of launch of the device and by Samsung’s choices when equipping the tablet. The screen working at a resolution below “Full HD” requires less to display its images in terms of processing, and the “cost cuts” proposal connects with this issue.

      Moving the device has the modest Snapdragon chipset 345 from Qualcomm (announced on 2019). It’s an entry-level model, offering just “sufficient” performance for the most basic and lighter day-to-day tasks, with no gaming focus and no satisfactory support for many simultaneous tasks. Also making it clear that the Tab A8 works better with single tasks and full screen, such as a child should use in existing environments “Kids” for Android.

      The other settings of the tablet follow the low-cost logic, being our trial version of Tab A8 from 2018 equipped with 2 GB RAM + 16 GB of internal storage, running Android 11.

      This proposal of “child use” that we mentioned makes sense in Tab A8 of two ways: native (Google) and custom (Samsung).

      Samsung’s customization on the Android system (the One UI) offers an option called “Samsung Kids” and can be activated in the Galaxy Tab A8 by simply dragging down from the home screen to open the quick settings panel. Then, just tap the “Kids” option and follow the step by step, going through the Samsung Kids welcome screen.

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech )

      In this first contact with the environment, it is up to the person responsible for the child to define the limits of games, applications and also the content that the child can access. A password for blocking these settings is created by the person responsible during the configuration.

      If the Galaxy Tab user prefers, the restriction and control of children can be done through Google Family Link natively , giving equivalent remote control and care options on the tablet, also limiting access by time and type of content.

      Outside these restrictive and limiting modes for the child user, we have the harsh reality that 2GB of RAM cannot provide enough support for the already weak processor that powers the tablet, making absolutely every moment of interaction with menus, app launches and installation a continuous session of waits and pauses, merely for lack of firepower on account of the tablet. We are not talking about crashes, but waiting for absolutely any operation with the device.

      Less demanding games can run “on the limit” when configured to reduce their details to a minimum, but be ready to any performance drops even in less demanding titles because the device works without respite for absolutely anything performed.

  • A low-performance device that provided 2019, offers less than it should for the experience of a Samsung tablet, a brand that has excellent (other) tablets on the market.


    On the back of the Galaxy Tab A8 from 2019, we have a basic 8 MP camera, capable of recording Full HD videos. The photos, in general, deliver little detail and don’t deal very well with scene colors, something to be expected for an entry-level camera.

    The most likely use for this camera, as it is present on a tablet, it is the recording of sporadic images and interactions with QR Codes, barcodes and scans, occasions where color fidelity and overall quality issues should not actually be a deterrent to the user.

    Front Camera

    In front of the Galaxy Tab we have a camera of 2 MP, something understandable for the time of the model’s launch in which online classes, videoconferences and so many other realities for 1024 did not yet exist with the strength and obligation that we see today.

    Unfortunately, those who choose the model will notice that the image quality for these purposes has not aged well from the humble proposal of Tab A8, since already in 2019 the pro was “weak”.

    Sound System

    As an important part of a tablet, we have its built-in sound system, in this case with two sound outputs on the bottom of the device, delivering stereo sound in a “weird” way 2020, and the usual thing is to position the speakers on opposite sides of the device or directly pointed at the user, in front (next to the screen).

    The reproduction quality is good and brings a considerable intensity, but below the “Samsung” standard of more current models. Lower bass and finer details of songs are “hidden”, not unlike what you would expect for small speakers. In this sense, we have to make clear the competence of the set in not sounding bad, muffled or bad.

    Battery and Charging

    Counting on 5.71 mAh battery (non-removable), l Please note that charging will always be done via the Tab A8’s Micro USB port.

    Despite the “usual” amount of charging even for modern smartphones, it is necessary to wait up to five hours for charging to complete the Galaxy Tab A8’s tank 2019, given the lack to support “faster” loading by the device and the set.

    (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

    Due to the device’s less demanding processor and screen characteristics, a full day of use with the Galaxy Tab A8 2019 is perfectly possible depending on the activity the user intends to perform with the device; there is no “full guarantee” on usage time, as the battery is “just common” for a tablet.

    Consumption of videos on this model is the most optimized activity for the user enjoys a long time using the tablet, however, any use of games (light or heavy) will require a recharge on the device in the middle of the day, given their effort always at the limit due to the “input” nature of the processor that moves this Tab A.

    Direct Competitors

    By its price range, we can indicate as options the Positivo T tablet models347C 7P and Multilaser M10THE. It is noteworthy that these products also have extremely limited characteristics, with very little power and overall performance.

    Here, unfortunately, direct competitors are equal to or worse than the Tab A8 itself, not delivering any kind of advantage between them.


    Launched on the market in the middle of 2019, the Galaxy Tab Galaxy Tab A8 leaves performance aside, in all respects. Its goal is to be a lower cost device, so it is always necessary to keep in mind that from the images displayed on the screen to even the tablet usage time are “average” or even “weak” items, and it is possible to pay a small difference for bring much better tablet and updated in all aspects, as is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 from 2020, which has a complete analysis here at Canaltech.

    If your goal is to use a “cheaper” option at any cost, understand the direct consequences of this and know that for a little more investment it is possible to avoid almost all the weaknesses brought by Tab A8 from 1024. But if you don’t want to go over your budget, the best way to save at all costs and buy a nice tablet for kids is to get an old iPad mini used on platforms like OLX.

    If you are interested, check the link below to guarantee the Tab A8 at the lowest price:

        Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 on offer

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