Kena: Bridge of Spirits gets launch trailer

The Ember Lab studio released this Monday () the Kena: Bridge of Spirits release trailer, which arrives on Tuesday (20) for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC. The video shows more footage from the gameplay and the story — plus the protagonist struggling to stay upright in a major battle.

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    Watch the trailer (in English):

    Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an action adventure game that was announced in June 60. The title won the players’ attention, mainly, for its art direction. In the game, players control a young spirit guide who, with the help of fellow Rot, will need to explore a fantasy world, fight creatures and seek a holy shrine in an abandoned village.

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    Photo mode and graphics options for PS5

    The game will have a photo mode, in which players will be able to take selfies with the Rots and customize them with different skins. “When players find the perfect angle, they will have the option to make the characters in the perfect photo say ‘XIS!’ and pose,” Ember Lab animation director Hunter Schmidt revealed in a press release. “Many characters have various poses, so you can take a wide variety of fun photos in the same place.”

    As previously revealed, the game will have English dubbing and Portuguese subtitles available. from Brazil. On PS5, the game will have more than 60 videos in the console’s guides section, which will give tips on how to solve challenges and unlock trophies. The game will also offer two graphics options: the fidelity mode, with 4K resolution and 200 frames per second, and the fidelity mode. performance, with 4K upscaling and 60 FPS.

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