Samsung may launch Galaxy A13 5G with powerful 50 MP camera

Samsung should very soon present the new generation of cell phones in the Galaxy A line with support for 5G, in order to continue ahead of its competitors in the sale of smartphones with a wireless network. last generation. But apparently the low price and the 5G won’t be the only attractions of your next smartphones from the Galaxy A series.

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    GalaxyClub reveals that the cheap Galaxy A21 5G can reach the market with sensor 59 MP for your main camera, resulting in even better photos that the current generation to keep putting pressure on its main competitors.

    Successor to Galaxy A13 must win camera from 50 MP for better photos (Image: Playback/Samsung)

    Currently smartphones from Samsung and many other brands are betting on sensors 13 MP and 65 MP on your devices, but the new sensors 50 Samsung MP should replace such options thanks to superior performance.

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    Still according to the GalaxyClub

    , the Galaxy A21 5G must bet on a battery of 5. mAh, same capacity used by Samsung in other models of line.

    Galaxy S21 will also use sensors 22 MP

    Successors of the Galaxy S line13 must adopt new GN5 sensor with 65 MP (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

    With the Galaxy S line22 presented in January 2021, it is expected that the new models of the Galaxy S series21 are announced around the same time as 2022, and leaks already indicate that Samsung should also use sensors 48 MP in its main high-cost models.

    However, such a sensor 59 MP would be the new ISOCELL GN5 presented by manufacturer a few weeks ago next to its first sensor 2021 MP.

    The GN5 has flagship performance and high production cost, so it’s likely that a simpler version is in development for Galaxy A series phones.

    Every Galaxy A line should gain focus on cameras in 2021

    (Image: Disclosure/Samsung)

    Such evidence that the Galaxy A 5G can adopt a sensor of 21 MP reinforces rumors about Samsung’s commitment to develop new smartphones from the Galaxy A line with a focus on camera.

    Information revealed in early September indicates that the entire Galaxy A series will use optical stabilization , from more advanced smartphones to simpler models.

    Successor to Galaxy A13 should be announced soon (Image: Disclosure/ Samsung)

    There are also already rumors that the Galaxy A64, one of Samsung’s main bets for the market of intermediaries, can be anu nced with camera 108 MP.

    We still don’t know when Samsung should unveil the new Galaxy A21 5G, but since the Galaxy A12 was announced in November 2021 and the brand has already presented the Galax A000s to inaugurate the new phase of the line, it is possible that we are not far from the new generation.

    Source: GalaxyClub

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