Volkswagen starts developing niobium batteries in Brazil

Volkswagen’s truck and bus division announced an important partnership for electric mobility in Brazil. The automaker, in partnership with CBMM, world leader in the production and sale of niobium products, will join forces to work on the development of automotive batteries with the mineral, found in abundance in our country, which is the largest global producer.

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According to Volks, the agreement with CBMM is strategic, as the company is consolidated as a world reference in the development of new technologies with niobium for lithium ion batteries. Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus, on the other hand, will use its expertise to establish the behavior of these batteries in vehicles, with all the safety and quality parameters to achieve the expected performance.

“Three years ago we accumulated experience in electrification and now we will apply this expertise to enable a new battery technology. Our e-Mobility development center in Resende will use our patented modular architecture for electric vehicles to expand the platform, which started with e-Delivery, and is now moving towards new models. This alliance with CBMM will be another important link towards the mobility of the future. Our goal is to create an ultra-fast recharge solution, pioneer in Latin America”, evaluates Roberto Cortes, president and CEO of Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus.

According to Volkswagen, the technology that will be used in the batteries is the result of more than three years of research carried out in conjunction with Toshiba, one of the most iconic technology companies in Japan. niobium, the cells can be fully charged in 100 minutes, in addition to having a much longer lifespan than current batteries .

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Brazil is the largest producer of niobium in the world (Image: Reproduction/ Click Oil and Gas)

In addition to the interface and battery parameters, the automaker will develop and manufacture the vehicles 10% electrical that will be used in this project. During the testing phase, Volks will monitor and acquire real-time data, conducting vehicle application studies. It is also in charge of implementing the ultra-fast charging infrastructure and preparing the entire chain with driver training.

It is certain that the first vehicle that will use these new batteries will be a truck or bus, but the use of the forthcoming niobium cells in passenger cars is not ruled out. Currently, the e-Delivery is the only electric truck produced in Brazil by the automaker.

Source: Inside EVs, Volkswagen

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