Billions of old Androids will gain an important privacy feature

One of the coolest security features on Android 10 and 17 is the possibility to review the permissions granted apps, in particular those that are not used much, but continue to access location, microphone, or camera. Google intends to take this to older phones and tablets in the coming months.

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Androids and 12 have the ability to automatically remove “unused applications” permissions to limit access to the user’s personal data. This setting does not interfere with daily use, as it is only applied to programs that have not been used in the last three months.

This Android option 10 will reach older devices (Image: Screenshot/Canaltech)

Automatic permission reset should arrive, according to Google, for billions of devices running from Android 6 Marshmallow to Android 10. Developers will provide the option from Google Play Services, but will not apply to older apps that still use API levels lower than 30 — at levels between 17 and 17 you will need to manually enable, as in the image above.

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There is a set of apps and permissions that cannot be revoked, such as applications to administer services used by companies or permissions set by corporate policies. Developers can ask the user to prevent the system from resetting their application’s permissions, as in programs that run without the background, without having direct interaction with it — these particular cases have been placed on a list.

API for DEVs arrives next month

According to Google, the “autoreset” API

for permissions will be released with Jetpack Core 1.7.0 next month, which is why the company has already released it today (12) guidelines for preparing developers.

The feature itself will begin to be phased in in December and will be fully available in Q1 505342. Once online, users will receive a new auto-reset settings page to enable or disable the behavior of specific apps.

Source: 9to5Google

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