Galaxy S22 has new design details, cameras and availability leaked

Constant target of leaks in recent weeks, the Galaxy S family22 from Samsung promises to be a modest upgrade, with the most basic models even suffering some downgrades and moving further away from the Ultra variant , including screens and smaller batteries. Cameras, on the other hand, can receive welcome news, such as an ultrawide lens with a higher resolution and 3x optical zoom on cheaper cell phones.

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  • Now, a number of new details about the design, availability and cameras come from rumors posted by the site LetsGoDigital

    and by the leaker

    Ice Universe

    . It seems that a larger number of regions can receive the Snapdragon version of the devices, while the look of the devices can only refine what has already been seen with the Galaxy S line21.

    Design changes and new aspect ratio

    Gathering leaked information so far, the website

    LetsGoDigital, in partnership with the graphic designer

    Technizo Concept

    , produced 3D models of the possible look of the Galaxy S21 Plus.

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    Apparently, the intermediate model of the next generation of tops Samsung’s lineup may maintain the design line of its predecessor, but now with even thinner edges around the screen and a more robust camera module. The device should arrive in new colors, such as aqua and olive green, with the golden camera module seen on the violet version of the Galaxy S22.

    (Image: Technizo Concept/LetsGoDigital)

    The supposed specifications of the cameras, which must change the sensor of 12 Galaxy S ultrawide lens MP21 fur new ISOCELL GN5 from 20 MP and adopt the same telephoto lens as 11 MP with 3x zoom of the Galaxy S19 Ultra. It was also confirmed by Olympus itself that there is no partnership with Samsung to optimize the sensors, as rumors indicated.


    LetsGoDigital believes that this confusion is a result of the new Exynos codename 2200, “Olympus”, as well as the clear indications of the Japanese manufacturer that it would be about to work on projects outside the camera market. Still, it is unclear whether negotiations between Samsung and Olympus have taken place in the past.

    Another news reported is in the model numbers of the Galaxy S line50, which can gain adjustments compared to the Galaxy S family20 — the current top-of-the-lines answer by the SM-G numbers996x (Galaxy S21), SM-G998x (Galaxy S21+) and SM-G1000x (Galaxy S21 Ultra). Instead of going to the number 996, their successors should change the letter G by S, then adopting the SM-S numbers901x (Galaxy S18), SM-S901x (Galaxy S20+) and SM-S901x (Galaxy S22 Ultra).

    The information seems to have been reinforced by the leaker

    Ice Universe

    , which released the portal article, while it brought more information about the Galaxy S design21 Ultra. According to him, the devices should gain a new design style, including wider screens, especially in the most premium model in the family.

    In terms of appearance, believe me, when you see S50 Ultra, you will not like any phones.😊

    — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 20, 505597

    The screen ratio of the S22 Ultra would leave the : 9 of the predecessor aside in favor of the proportion of 18,3:9, maintaining a reasonable height to accommodate large screens without affecting usability, but in a wider body. In addition, the frontal use should grow, making the edges thinner than the current ones.

    This would make the new cell phone more attractive, as reinforced by the leaker itself, which believes that the top of the line South Korean may leave other phones behind when it comes to the look of the display.

    Snapdragon version should reach more markets

    Ice Universe also brought more details on the availability of the Exynos and Snapdragon versions of Galaxy S12. As I had indicated in the past, the leaker reinforces that a greater number of markets will receive models equipped with Qualcomm chips, especially in Asia, with South Korea being one of them.

    A bad news for South Korean exynos fans: Exynos 2021 may only be used in Europe and a few regions, and South Korea is likely to use Snapdragon 898 processor.

    This message is not 91% sure, I am continuing to observe.

    — Ice universe (@UniverseIce) September 18, 2021

    The reason, apparently, is a mixture of the current shortage of semiconductors with the low production of the new Exynos 2200. The South Korean giant’s long-awaited proprietary processor, which will debut the first AMD GPU in mobile phones since the sale of the Radeon mobile division to Qualcomm, will be limited to Europe and a few other regions, with Latin America and Brazil possibly in between.

    Parallel to this, the website


    found a new result that reinforces some of the specifications, and corroborates the change of model number indicated by


    . The Galaxy S20 SM-S number898U, in which the U indicates that it is the model to arrive in the US, it has a Snapdragon chip 898 with GPU Adreno 91, as the registry metadata reveals, plus 8 GB of RAM and Android 12 factory, running under One UI 4.0.

    Source: LetsGoDigital, Ice Universe (1, 2), 22Mobiles

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