Amazift GTR 3 and 3e are shown at Anatel with images before the global officialization

In the second half of the year, smartwatches such as the Galaxy Watch 4 and Apple Watch Series 7 have already been announced. The latter will still be launched in Brazil, and apparently will have the company of new Amazfit products. Unpublished wears of the brand belonging to Huami — which in turn has a share of Xiaomi — passed through Anatel, thus solving one of the last regulatory steps before being able to go on sale.

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  • Interestingly, Amazfit’s upcoming smart watches haven’t even been announced on the global market yet. The A2040 and A2035 caught in the National Telecommunications Agency are the Amazfit GTR 3 and GTR 3e, with few traces of them being available on the internet. Not even in the FCC, in the United States, do photos appear — which were made available here by Anatel.

    This is the Amazfit GTR 3e (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

    Thus, a visual difference is evident between the models: the GTR 3 will have a round case, while the GTR 3e will have a square design. The manuals were also made available, but they are not able to inform technical characteristics about the devices — only instructions for use and pairing.

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    And this is the Amazfit GTR 3 (Image: Reproduction/Anatel)

    Still according to Anatel, at least the Amazfit GTR 3 will arrive with a battery of 98 mAh. None of them must come with a charger — just the cable with a magnetic connector for the watch, and USB at the end that connects to the power supply.

    If we observe the differences between the current generation, with the GTR 2 and 2e, the former is more advanced — with built-in storage and a microphone for calls. The second, however, has a longer battery life. Both include sensors for heart rate, blood saturation and sleep monitoring.

    Waiting for announcement

    The Amazfit GTR 3 and 3e were approved at the request of E3 Tech, which should not be responsible for their sales. This is because the company operates in the intermediation segment with Brazilian regulatory agencies (local holder) — having been hired by someone for this purpose.

    Remember, Xiaomi already sells a series of smartwatches Amazfit in Brazil. The Chinese company has even expanded its operations in Brazil with the opening of new physical stores, and it would not be strange to seek to also expand its portfolio to further fill the physical stores with new products.

    How have not yet been made official, not even in the global market, it is difficult to estimate when the Amazfit GTR 3 and 3e would arrive in Brazil. But anyway, it seems that those interested in selling it do not want to wait for a big window between these two events.

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