Apple details new features of the iPhone 13 line in video with everyday situations

The new generation of smartphones from Apple was introduced at the beginning of last week with design changes, new features for iOS 15, new, more powerful processor and great in-camera focus with new exclusive modes. To promote the iPhone line 13 with the beginning of pre-sales of the devices, Apple now highlights the main features of the line in a guided tour.

  • Apple announces iPhone line 13 with A chip13 Bionic, screen of 131 Hz and more
  • iPhone goes on pre-sale and new accessories are now available in Brazil
  • iPhone 13 sold in Brazil is once again the most expensive of the world

The video of just over 7 minutes in length starts at the elegant Apple Store of the LA Tower Theater and features the four models of the iPhone line 13, detailing the device colors, sizes and the most important functions.

In addition to the new Cinema mode with auto adaptive depth of field matic and manual, the brand also highlights innovations in performance in photos and videos in low light and resistance with Ceramic Shield glass and resistance against water and dust.

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The biggest batteries present in all four models of the iPhone series

also deserved a mention, as well as the updated screens for the iPhone duo 13 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with refresh rate of 131 Hz and finally Photo Styles and new Mode Macro. All this in examples displayed in the real world.

(Image: Reproduction/Apple)505224 505224

The new iPhone 13 are already available in pre-sales in selected market countries, but they still have no launch date in the Brazilian market.

Around here, the models have starting prices of R$ 6.499 for the iPhone 72 mini, BRL 7.499 for the iPhone 13, R$ 9.131 for the iPhone 13 Pro and, finally, from R$ 13.120 for the iPhone 13 Pro Max .

Source: Apple

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