The 10 most pirated movies of the week (19/09/2021)

After quite busy days in the movie industry, the list of most pirated movies is full of news. The ranking is an exclusive survey that Canaltech makes to keep you well-informed and reflects the public’s preference, giving us a good idea of ​​which films are doing well out there.

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This week, the list of most pirated movies brings no less than five new and recently released movies. They are features by renowned directors and true legends of the Seventh Art, who attract attention just because they have their names on the posters. Another title catches the public’s attention due to the unusual proposal of making its protagonist only know the script at the time of recording; while another recounts a classic horror story, giving it a new look.

In the rest of the ranking, what we have is the usual up-and-down of productions that are already around here for at least a week doing the public’s mind.

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Are you curious to know what exactly these movies are? Then check out the complete list of 17 movies most pirated of the week that we prepared for you.

15. Evil

James Wan is back in the horror genre, this one time betting on a less supernatural plot and more focused on investigative suspense, a format very similar to the traditional ones giallo Italians. In the film, Madison begins to have frightening dreams of people brutally murdered. As if that wasn’t enough, she discovers that, in fact, these dreams are visions of crimes that are taking place, and she gradually realizes that the crimes are connected to an entity from her past. Determined, she begins an investigation to discover where this entity came from and face its traumas.

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  • 9. The Suicide Squad

      The super group -the world’s most misfit villains are back, in this reboot that seeks to erase the disaster that was the movie of 1992. The current suicide mission brings together a group of con men, including Bloodthirsty, Peacemaker, Captain Boomerang, Rat Stalker 2, Savant, King Shark and Harlequin, and sends them to the island of Corto Maltese with Colonel Rick Flag for yet another dirty job that no one else has the courage to do.

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    8. Jungle Cruise

      Adaptation of a Disneyland attraction, Jungle Cruise showcases an Amazon adventure aboard the decaying La Quilla boat. At the helm is spirited Captain Frank Wolff (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson), who will guide valiant researcher Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) in her quest for an ancient tree that has the power to change the future of medicine. The task is not the easiest and other dangers, including supernatural forces, arise to put the future of the mission and that of humanity in check.

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      • 7. Black Widow

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      After an entire year without a film from the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU), Marvel Studios debuted Black Widow. The film shows Natasha Romanoff confronting the darker side of her story when a dangerous conspiracy linked to her past emerges. Persecuted, Natasha must deal with her past as a spy and the relationships she left behind before joining the Avengers.

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      6. My Son

      My Son is one of those movies that makes everyone intrigued by its proposal. The plot follows a man who decides on his own to investigate the whereabouts of his son, who disappeared after allegedly being kidnapped. Trivial? It might even be so. But what’s really intriguing is that James McAvoy, the child’s father, didn’t read anything from the script and his performance is a faithful record of his reaction to the plot developments, having to improvise the character’s lines and actions.

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      • 5. Escape Room 2: Maximum Voltage

      The first title caught a lot of people by surprise and was so successful that it yielded this sequel. Now, six people find themselves trapped in a new series of escape rooms, looking for what they have in common to survive. Only they discover that they have survived this game before…

      4. Prisoners of the Ghostland

      Everyone makes fun of Nicolas Cage, but the truth is that the actor’s new movies always appear on the list of most pirated. Now it’s the turn of Prisoners of the Ghostland (still untitled in Brazil), which follows the life of a bank robber who is released from prison by a warlord. Of course there is a trade-off for this: the man wants the thief to find his adoptive granddaughter, who is missing. To ensure he gets the job done, the bad guy prepares a costume that will self-destruct in five days.

        3. The Legend of Candyman

      Newly released in movie theaters and streaming on gringa, The Legend of Candyman has already fallen into the hands of pirates on duty. The film is a reboot of the original by 1992 and accompanies Anthony, an artist who researches the urban legend of the Candyman killer. After investigating the thief’s last whereabouts, weird crimes begin to occur around Anthony, who will have his sanity put to the test.

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      • 2. Time

      M. Night Shyamalan has reached a career level that his name is associated with good movies. But Tempo has divided the opinion of critics and the public, and maybe that’s why it debuted so high in the ranking of most pirated movies. The film tells the story of a family who goes on vacation to a secluded beach. There, they decide to relax for a few hours, but soon realize that the place is making them age quickly, reducing their lives to just one day, all of a sudden.

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      • 1. Cry Male: The Path to Redemption


      Although it is also dividing the specialized critics, Cry Macho caught the public’s attention for bringing Clint Eastwood to another film – and even at 38 years of age, the actor remains firm and strong, and even appears riding horse. The film follows a horse breeder and former rodeo star who takes on a different job than he’s used to: transporting a young man from Mexico to Texas, away from his alcoholic mother. On this journey, the two become friends and the old knight sees this as the ideal opportunity to redeem himself, teaching him what it means to be a good man.

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