PUBG: tips to be the winner

Want to guarantee that beautiful victory in the PUBG? Are you tired of falling on the map and not knowing what to do? You can rest assured that Canaltech has separated seven tips for you to fall in style and ensure the much-desired victory!

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Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a battle royale game and is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. The franchise has a free mobile game for iOS and Android devices. Check out the following basic tips to do well in the game:

7. Choose a good place to land

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Yes, this tip seems obvious, but calm down. It’s no use getting down at the point full of players and getting in the middle of the mess to try to guarantee multiple kills against enemies if you don’t have a sharp aim. Find a spot that you can rotate before your opponents and prepare your terrain to catch them by surprise. PUBG is still a strategy game, so find the right place to get off the plane.

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6. Know when to enter combat

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Know when you should start a fight inside the game is essential. Especially if you’re playing solo, you might end up drawing the attention of other players who are in safe positions just waiting for someone to show up to secure some free kills. Always try to analyze the situation in the surroundings before attacking the opponents you find on the map.

5. Set your goal well at the beginning of the game

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Have a plan game already defined. Want to secure a key point on the map? See how your rotation will be until then. Want to focus on falling into the exchange of fire to ensure map superiority? Do it. The important thing is to have your objective well defined in the match. For you, the best strategy is to play it safe and wait for others to kill themselves? No problem, but think about which part of the map you will walk.

4. Don’t be flustered

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It’s on the top 12? Are you close to victory? Calm down, take a deep breath. Try not to rush or make a decision in the heat of emotion that could cost you victory. Analyze the situation and make your decisions with the ultimate goal in mind. Often when the game is over, players tend to lose their temper and this can affect their decision-making and performance — and if that happens, okay, it’s part of it!

3. Choose your equipment well

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It’s no use having only close range weapons and firing from a distance, right? Therefore, you have to know very well what weapons and equipment you will acquire in the game. For this, it is necessary to test your preference according to the style. Set aside some time during the game to search for items and be sure to search the body of the defeated enemy. Good equipment can make a difference.

2. Use the environment to your advantage

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Exploring the map’s vantage points can help you win, so always look for locations where you can get a good view of the surroundings. Do not hesitate to enter houses and stalk desperately running players. Nobody can call him a camper if they’re all down.

1. Take advantage of opportunities

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You are about to win the game, and can stay hidden while the enemy is dying to gas? Do it. Is a player hanging around and you can take him down without realizing it? Secure that slaughter. Take advantage of any situation that might be adverse to your enemies. No opponent will hesitate to do this to you.

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      So, did you like our tips? Will it be that this time you get the so dreamed victory? Do you have any more winning tips? Put it in the comments and mark that friend who hasn’t been able to win a win in the PUBG.

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