What functions does a Smart TV have?

Currently, the market is full of options for Smart TVs for purchase and they vary in size, which can reach around 50 inches, even features and technologies that are built in, with support for playback at increasingly higher resolutions, high refresh rate, more realistic audio quality , system full of differentials, among others.

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The features of a smart TV are also not few and, depending on the model in view, the user can enjoy much more than simply watching movies and series on the Netflix or listen to music on your favorite streaming service. In addition, of course, to being able to watch broadcast or pay TV programming, there are several advantages to buying a Smart TV, and Canaltech has prepared some of them for you.

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Increasing number of streaming apps

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The most popular feature of a Smart TV is undoubtedly the ability to watch movies, series, documentaries or videos on demand. For this, the user has an increasing range of services available for download.

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In Brazil, for example, the most common platforms are Globoplay, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus and, one of the latest launched, Star Plus — which also belongs to “Casa do Mickey ”.

But for those who are closer to listening to music, especially while performing everyday tasks, the options are also diverse, with applications such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and Amazon Music, for example.

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Mirror the cell phone screen on the TV

But what if you want to watch some content that is stored on your cell phone on a larger screen? This is another advantage offered by smart TVs. photos, videos or any other content that is saved in the smartphone memory, just a few taps on the phone — and the same Wi-Fi connection on both devices — to transfer the entire display from the small screen to the big screen.

A great advantage of mirroring the mobile screen to TV, for example, is to enjoy streaming content from applications that have not yet arrived on the Smart TV store, but which are already available in the Play Store or in the App Store.

Participate in video calls

As said, the functions go far beyond watching your favorite series or movie, and some models even support running video calling applications. This way, you can attend meetings at work or talk to your loved ones and see them on a much larger screen.

This feature has become so interesting, especially during the new pandemic coronavirus, which TCL — one of the most popular manufacturers in the Smart TV segment — has launched a dedicated Full HD resolution webcam model especially for use on Google TV devices.

Playing is also a possibility on Smart TVs

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Whoever thinks that the list of apps available to Smart TVs is restricted to streaming services. With them, users have access to virtually any app available for mobile phones — especially if we’re talking about a model with Android TV.

With this, it’s even possible to download popular games from the Play Store and have fun on a screen much larger than your cell phone. In some cases, it is even possible to connect a dedicated gaming controller and take full advantage of the function. If your TV doesn’t have games directly in the store, the screen mirroring function mentioned above comes in handy again.

Connect Bluetooth devices

Another advantage is the option to connect Bluetooth devices to the TV and enjoy completely wireless content playback. The options are also numerous and, to highlight some, it is possible to use external speakers, for a surround audio experience, for example, or even remote controls with more command options.

And, for those who like to play games on smart TVs, why not also connect a controller for games? This is another possibility that makes the devices even more complete.

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Browse social networks

(Image: Nicolas J Leclercq/Unsplash)

With the huge amount of apps available on the virtual stores, it is clear that social networks could not be missing. This is another function that is also available on Smart TVs and that, in fact, few use it.

Although it doesn’t have such an intuitive and simple navigation as on a cell phone or computer, too you can use the TV to access Facebook or Twitter, for example. It’s something that probably many won’t use but it’s good to know it’s available there, which led Samsung to produce its The Sero line, which rotates vertically to display cell phone content with maximum enjoyment.

Voice control

Finally, the Smart TV market has also started to count, in recent years, with several models that support voice commands. This way, browsing between the functions available on the TV is even easier, especially if you don’t want to waste time manually searching for applications.

A simple voice command for Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa , for example, is enough to open Netflix or even search for a series in its catalog.

Some smart TV models have a dedicated button on the remote to activate the option and others even have built-in microphones to trigger the assistant without having to touch anything. But in cases where none of the options are available, you can even connect to devices like Amazon Echo or Google Nest, to enjoy the benefits of voice command control.

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