How to put discount coupon on aiqfome

Aiqfome (Android l iOS l Web) is a delivery application that has been gradually gaining ground in the market. Focusing on smaller regions of the country, the app works similar to its competitors. In addition to offering familiar features, aiqfome also provides users with discount coupons and offers.

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In case you don’t know how to put a discount coupon on aiqfome, don’t worry: as in other platforms of the genre, the process is very simple. Check out the detailed step-by-step below and save on your next orders.

Step 1: open the aiqfome application and select one of the available dishes or an establishment to place your order.

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Choose a dish or restaurant on the homepage (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot )

Step 2:

In the last case, choose the items you will buy and proceed.

Check the restaurant information. (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 3:

Determine the portion size, if the option is available, and the quantity of the item. Once that is done, click on the payment button below.

Inform the quantity of items and confirm (Image: Igor Almenara/Captura of screen)

Step 4:

On the next screen, choose whether the order will be picked up at the establishment (counter) or delivered (delivery). Check the summary of items and, below, click on the phrase “do you have a coupon?”.

To place discount coupon on Aiqfome , select the indicated command (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Step 5:

then enter the discount coupon on aiqfome and click on the “Beauty” button . Then complete the order in the app.

Confirm the use of the coupon (Image: Igor Almenara/Screenshot)

Ready! Now you can put discount coupon on aiqfome.

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