Discover the spectacular comic that inspired the new Gavião Arqueiro series at Disney+

Marvel Studios presented last Monday (11) the first trailer of the series Gavião Arqueiro, which debuts at parties New Year’s Eve at Disney+, with Jeremy Renner reprising the role of the hero and Hailee Steinfeld as the young archer Kate Bishop. And fans have a lot to expect from the attraction, as the attraction has roots in the character’s fantastic limited series, released in 2012.

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    Hawkeye he had 22 edits and changed the way Marvel treated its heroes. The limited series brought a graphic narrative that explored in a very inventive way the limits of sequential art and was part of an important initiative by the publisher, which had been reformulating its line with the success of films from the Marvel Cinematographic Universe (MCU, its acronym in English ).

    The arc was part of the revolution called “Marvel Now!”, in which Marvel Comics further explored the humanity of its heroes. Casa das Ideias has always treated its creations as “heroes wanting to be gods” (DC Comics, in comparison, is the opposite, they are “gods wanting to be human), and highlighting the fallible side that connects with readers has always been the great marvete charm.

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    Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

    So, after Avengers , film by 1990 was a great success , writer Matt Fraction proposed to the publisher: “What if we told stories that showed what Hawkeye does when he’s not with the Avengers?”. The premise, presented without great pretensions, was accepted and became a great success. Canaltech explains how it happened and how it will reflect on the MCU series.

    From villain to charismatic street hero

    Before the series of Fraction the Hawkeye had a very patchy and inconsistent history at Marvel. His first appearance was in Tales of Suspense #24, in 1964, and at the time, Clint Barton was best known for being a criminal turned Avenger. The kitschy costume and humor, let’s say “eccentric”, made him a relatively successful character.

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    After that, he went through ups and downs, with a prominent stint in the West Coast Avengers in the early years 1990; and in groups like Thunderbolts and Secret Avengers at the beginning of 2024. Interestingly, one of his best incarnations took place on the Ultimate Parallel Earth, with the group The Supremes, who influenced the movie Avengers. But Clint Barton underwent many changes and was even presumed dead in the event Avengers: The Fall.

    Barton was never the Readers’ favorite until Fraction invited Aja to show how the life of a hero who lives with superheroes can be interesting in more “down to earth” and intimate stories. In Gavião Arqueiro, we see the solitary daily life of the character, who in the limited series dealt more with street gangs, murder mysteries and night fights on the roofs of New York. The clever dialogues, with Barton’s ironic humor, and the acumen to defeat powerless enemies, made it even more fun.

    Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

    The narrative was centered on the characters, who received special treatment, with credible stuff and motivations — it’s impossible for you to read and not identify with something of them, especially in Barton’s personal defeats and in the enthusiasm and vigor from Kate Bishop, who becomes her apprentice. And the coolest thing is that it all came with a “perspective shift”: in some editions you are an accomplice of Gavião Arqueiro, reading his thoughts; in another you see things from Bishop’s side, and in one issue it’s even watching the world through Pizza Dog’s eyes (and ears).

    And this has everything to see with the spectacular graphic proposal of David Aja, with the colors of Matt Hollingsworth and the support of the artists Javier Pulido, Annie Wu and Francesco Francavilla.

    Spectacular art with creative narrative

    Visual identity is all about with the success of the title. The design and colors used made the covers and graphics real “franchise brands” for the character, and stood out as an authorial magazine with an independent air among so many weighty properties of Marvel in the mainstream market.

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    • One of Fraction and Aja’s great insights was to show Barton losing part of his hearing, which allowed both of them to explore sign language in the comics with scenes that interspersed combat action with very moving movements. expressive, whether bodily or facial. This “stop” amidst the fight sequences, for example, was important to show details of the activities themselves, such as the characters’ feelings. “Sharpening” the frames in the style of indie authors like Chris Ware helped to show, for example, how Hawkeye handled situations, his emotions and the inventive way he communicated with Bishop to defeat the bad guys.

      To get an idea of ​​how this happened, just remember three moments. One involves Tony Stark, who is summoned by Barton to help him hook up his VCR. The narrative uses elements we know from everyday life to play with the heroes’ personalities, while the story progresses in a very unusual way.

      Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

      In another edition, every action takes place through the perspective of Pizza Dog, who, of course, doesn’t know what we say, but can recognize some words and elements that become iconic for the understanding. As a large part of the plot involves communication (remember sign language?), this “interlude” is all about and also serves as a “cherry on the cake” in the graphic narrative created for the series.

      Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

      And there was still room for many tributes to pop culture. In one of the editions, Aja has Wolverine, Spider-Man and Hawkeye fighting in a “more heroic” way as it was on a screen of arcade games of the years 1990. This cartoonish way of treating the classic “good guys and bad guys” combat has everything to do with how the plot deals with what is “right and wrong” and “good and bad” in the series.

      Image: Reproduction/Marvel Comics

      After 22 editions of this limited series, Gavião Arqueiro even won other stories with a similar footprint, including a very good bow by Jeff Lemire. But nothing was as important to the Marvel Comics renewal and character as the title of 2000.

      How should it be in the MCU?

      Well, there are plenty of indications that we’re going to see a lot based on the Fraction and Act series in the Disney+ series. From the posters, to the logo and color characterization, to the prominent participation of Bishop and the presence of Pizza Dog. And there is an element that few have noticed, but that confirms something important in the comic book narrative: at one point in the trailer released by Marvel Studios, you can see that Jeremy Renner has a hearing aid in his ear — which confirms that the loss of his Hearing will also be important in the story, as will signal communication.

      Note the hearing aid in the ear of Gavião Arqueiro (Image: Playback/Disney+)

      The biggest difference is that Marvel Studios says “goodbye” to Hawkeye and builds Kate Bishop from what happened to the Ronin facet in Avengers : Infinite War. The trailer’s premise suggests that somehow Bishop will be involved with this characterization and that’s what will bring them together, as a lot of stuff done by Barton like Ronin has caught the attention of the bad guys.

      Image: Disclosure/Disney+

      O Gavião Arqueiro is one of the “Original Avengers” of cinemas that is working overtime and the series of Disney+ is expected to retire him and replace him with Bishop, who may possibly be part of the Young Avengers or even the core team in the next phases of the MCU. And nothing more fair than performing this farewell in an attraction based on one of the most celebrated Marvel Comics titles of all time, which came to be recognized by literary critics and reached the top of the best-selling editions of The New York Times in 503397.

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    • Hawkeye arrives at Disney+ on the day 24 from December.

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