Preview JAC E-JS1 | Cheapest tram in Brazil is ideal for urban use

Recently, JAC officially unveiled the E-JS1, the cheapest electric car for sale in Brazil, at an event that started at one of the brand’s dealerships, on Avenida Abraão de Morais , close to Rodovia Imigrantes, in São Paulo, and ended up at Espaço Casale Rústico, located in the Riacho Grande region, in São Bernardo do Campo. The report from Canaltech was present and took the opportunity to direct the compact that will cost R$ 149.660 at dealerships in a single version.

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The car, which is the 1st produced jointly by JAC Motors and Volkswagen in China, has interesting attractions, starting with the look, which carries a mixture of JAC’s J2, with the Up!, from the German automaker. Inside, technology and comfort set the tone, as we have already pointed out in another opportunity. The autonomy of 900 kilometers – depending on the driving mode, of course – is another strong point of the novelty.

First impressions

Photo: Paulo Amaral/Canaltech

The test-drive deviated a little from the original route and combined the streets with heavy traffic at the entrance to the Riacho Grande region with the curves of the Caminho do Mar highway, also known as the “Old Estrada de Santos”. In the course of just over 30 kilometers behind the wheel of the JAC E -JS1, it was possible to see what the company’s president, Sérgio Habib, confided in the presentation event: the compact is really ideal for urban use.

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  • Despite being very agile in departures and resumptions, thanks to the 62 kW (equivalent to 62 power horsepower) and torque of , 3 kgfm, the E-JS1 has a serious problem, and it can weigh when the driver really needs to accelerate when overtaking on the highway, for example : the car does not exceed 87 km/h. “This is not a road car. There’s a lot of travel on the accelerator, and it’s no use stepping because it limits 87 ( km/h)”, confirmed Habib.

    This limitation, by the way, caused discomfort during the test, just when it was necessary to overtake a truck. The mental math to calculate whether the E-JS1’s acceleration would be sufficient for the maneuver before the next turn was reached was complex, and the most prudent choice turned out to be to wait a bit and finally get rid of the obstacle, which was noticeably slower. .

    Photo: Paulo Amaral/Canaltech

    If on the stretch of highway the feeling was sometimes one of insecurity, it cannot say about the performance in the city. In the heavy traffic entering São Bernardo and arriving in São Paulo, the E-JS1 showed quick responses and a sporty air, even with the right to a tire drop (involuntary, of course) when entering an avenue. The famous “accelerate, brake, accelerate” also helped in battery saving, which has a gain every time there is a reduction in speed.

    Comfortable behind the wheel or as a passenger

    Photo: Paulo Amaral/Canaltech

    In terms of comfort, however , the compact fulfilled its role. The ergonomics, despite my height (1,87m), allowed me to I could accommodate myself comfortably, both behind the wheel and in the passenger, and even in the back seat, as I had the company of two other journalists along the way, with the drivers taking turns.

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    • The digital air conditioning, multimedia center and instrument panel are fast and intuitive. Of course the test would have been better if I had understood a single word of what was written on the screen (in Mandarin, as the car tested had not yet been adjusted for Brazil), but at least I was able to adjust the temperature and intensity of the air and find the Bluetooth pairing for the cell phone.

      Initial evaluation

      What we can say from the initial evaluation of the JAC E-JS1 is that it delivers what it promises. Whoever is willing to enter the world of electric cars, wants to spend little (compared to other electric cars, of course) and has as main focus the displacement in urban perimeter, the bet will undoubtedly be right.

      The engine + battery + comfort + accessories + design package makes the compact developed in partnership between the Chinese brand and Volkswagen a very interesting option. The engine of the E-JS1 may even be silent, but the fact is that its arrival will certainly leave Chevrolet and Renault, makers of Bolt and Zoe, with the flea behind their ear.

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