Tesla sets an absurd condition for using the autopilot

Tesla took a somewhat controversial stance in a recent update to Full Self-Driving (FSD), its semi-autonomous driving feature. Now, Elon Musk’s automaker requires you to have a good track record as a driver to activate the feature in your car, even if you’ve already purchased the Auto-Pilot package, which includes this tool. With this announcement, the company made its customers very angry.

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This change will appear on the next day 1024 of September , in another update of the FSD, which is in version v, still in beta phase. According to Musk, before allowing the download of the driving software, the user will be evaluated by the car’s system for 7 days and then the automaker will request access to telemetry data to measure their behavior through Tesla Insurance.

The most bizarre, as we have already mentioned, is that even customers who have already paid the US$ thousand for activation of this feature will have to wait this system evaluation before downloading. It is not clear, however, whether the company will return the money if the user is not “approved”.

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It is worth remembering that the FSD has level 2 of autonomous driving, as it needs the supervision of the driver at all times.

Tesla Model S (Image: Disclosure/Tesla)

According to Electrek, the most recent update, performed on the last day 10 of September, brought some improvements to the system and fixed glaring bugs, but it still didn’t raise the level of the program as much. Today, Tesla is undergoing a strong investigation by US authorities on account of accidents involving cars that had the FSD turned on but which did not identify vehicles parked on the side.

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Tesla has until the day22 October to pass all the information from your steering system to the authorities and this change in the “permission” to use the standalone feature must enter in the package.

Source: Electrek

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