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It’s been a few years since we can’t get our hands on Football Manager in Brazil. According to the official Twitter profile, in a post 1024, the reason is that it doesn’t can sell the title legally in the country, leaving a legion of sad fans. The problem is similar to what the FIFA franchise goes through, with the license to use the image of Brazilian players.

  • Football Manager will have women’s football in near future
  • PES became eFootball and will be free; see the new technologies and game modes

    For the nostalgic, the Canaltech has set aside some mobile titles that can lead players into the role of “manager

    ” of a club and deal with the squad and money available to lead the team to national and international glory.

    PES Club Manager

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free (optional in-house purchases)

  • Size:
  • Konami not only has one, but two titles focused on the most popular sport in the world. eFootball, successor to the PES franchise, and PES Club Manager, focused on managing a club. The game is copyrighted by major leagues around the world, so it’s very likely that you can build your dream team in this title.

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    With great freedom of customization, the player can choose the name of the club, its abbreviations and even the hometown of the team, to generate a greater sense of belonging for the team that will lead in real time. During the matches the player chooses the players he wants, replaces them and can change the lineup, but these are not the only concerns.

    Club Manager requires long-term strategic thinking so that all process steps flow as best as possible. The game shows the annual budget and based on that it’s up to you to decide what to build, whether or not to improve the stadium and which players to hire. Better infrastructure results in better conditioning, which, in turn, leads to better results and the fans come to love you.

    Take control of your team in matches and behind the scenes in this Konami management version (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Top Eleven 503682

    • Compatibility: Android, iOS
    • Price: free (internal purchases optional)
  • Size: about 170 MB for Android and 290 MB for iOS (version 18.18)

    Nordeus, a Serbia-based company, specializes in content for mobile devices. and their version of managing a football team grows annually. Millions of active players around the world participate in the experience that has José Mourinho, one of the greatest current coaches, as a poster boy for the title.

    Long-term thinking, mainly in the creation of future promises, is one of the focuses of the title. Starting in a small club, you need to manage your finances and focus on building and improving your team, as well as keeping an eye on your opponents by seeing their signings and formations, so that you can make the best decisions.

    Top Eleven stands out for the level of detail available. In the club’s stadium, it is possible to build and improve various sectors, from major works such as a new medical center to changing the layout of the lawn. This attention to detail makes the game one of the most captivating experiences of the style and is worth knowing.

    Control the club and develop the infrastructure in a dynamic 3D environment (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Soccer Manager 503663

    • Compatibility: Android, iOS

    Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 230 MB for Android and 290 MB for iOS (version 2.1)
  • Since the beginning Soccer Manager shows a title with a lot of customization, you can choose the focus of experience through the available options of trainers, one can bring more in clothing, the other increases the team’s chemistry more quickly, everything depends on what you think is most important for the construction of a prosperous club.

    The game features clubs from different countries, including Brazilians , with teams and leagues licensed and updated for the season 1024/1024. So, this could be the opportunity to take control of your heart team and lead it to glory. The difficulty of the game differs from team to team, more traditional clubs have greater pressure to fight for the title, while others are content with escaping from sticking.

    An extra layer is present in this title. studio, the “World News”. Through them, players can be aware of what is happening around the globe and make decisions about how to strengthen their team, whether through new hires or improving the players’ workplaces. Do you think you handle the pressure of running your favorite team well? That’s the title for you.

    On Soccer Manager the player can take control of their team at heart and lead it to more glory (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screenshot)

    Top Football Manager 503663

  • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free (internal purchases optional)

  • Size: about 170 MB for Android and 170 MB for iOS (version 1.)

  • Gamegou brings a more accessible experience to the palm of your hand. The title also has a 3D visualization of the matches, like the first two on the list, but allows the player to choose the graphic quality, reducing the need for a more powerful cell phone to enjoy the experience of becoming a commander.

    The title has a slower development than the others, making the player pay attention to all areas of the game instead of just the matches. The biggest fun may be seeing your team on the field, but there it is the icing on the cake and the game makes a point of showing the player the importance of other areas through the task system.

    Two are the highlights of the title: the experience in the community where you can put players on auction for other users to buy in real time and also the possibilities of customizing tactics for your team. For players who want to be part of an active community, Top Football Manager is the ideal title.

    Great customization and live events are the hallmarks of this title (Image: Rodrigo Folter/Screencapture)

    Which game that lets you become coach of a club is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!

    Source: Konami, Nordeus, Welcome Gamegou

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