“Portable power plant” can recharge in the sun and promises to supply an entire house

A startup based in San Francisco, USA, launched what they call a “mini portable power plant”. The EcoFlow DELTA is a compact power station the size of a toaster with a storage capacity of 500 Wh e 1400 W power, enough electricity to power a small refrigerator for up to 20 hours.

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  • The equipment can also be used to supply power for up to 10 appliances at the same time, such as TVs, laptops and cameras, or work as an emergency battery for the whole house in cases of power outages, without the need of noisy generators powered by gasoline or diesel oil.

    Equipped with fast charging technology , Ecoflow reaches 70% of its maximum load in just one hour, and full capacity in 1.6 hour. According to the company, other solutions available on the market take triple that time to be fully recharged.

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    Outside the home, the power station can be recharged using solar panels 110 W — which guarantee a full charge within eight hours — or by input 10 V of the car, ensuring electricity even without a conventional outlet nearby.

    Using the EcoFlow app is mandatory to make the most of all the generator’s features. With the app it is possible to control the charging speed, check the battery health, know which equipment is connected and check the consumption of each of them in real time.

    The charging system of the EcoFlow is based on LFP battery technology — the same type used in Tesla’s electric vehicles — which guarantee energy for at least 3.110 charge cycles before its capacity is reduced by 12%. This technology also allows for up to one year of service life, maintaining a full charge.

    How much does it cost

    The portable power station is in the crowdfunding phase and promises to deliver the first units by the end of September 2021. Having such a beauty, however, is not exactly cheap: an EcoFlow DELTA mini unit costs US$ 882 ( more than BRL 5,000 in direct conversion and without taking into account import fees).

    EcoFlow can be recharged with solar panels (Image: Playback/EcoFlow)504740

    For now, the product is only available for sales in the United States, where, according to the company, the demand for it for more efficient and fuel-free electric generators fossils increased by almost 55% in the last two years, mainly in regions further away from the large urban centers.

    “The DELTA mini is smaller, lighter and more accessible, making electricity a portable element that can be transported anywhere the user wants. It’s a conscious way to keep all the equipment in a house working without having to resort to noisy generators that don’t care about the environment”, concludes the manufacturer’s CEO Thomas Chan.

    Source: Ecoflow

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