Applications that turn mobile into remote control

Can’t find your remote control or don’t know where the new batteries are? No problem: just use your cell phone. Using remote control apps, you can control your television, streaming devices and even air conditioners. It is only necessary to make a quick connection between the devices.

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Normally, this connection is made with the presence of your smartphone’s infrared sensor or from Wi-Fi, as long as the devices are connected to it network. Next, check out four alternatives that turn your cell phone into a remote control!

1. Universal TV remote control

  • Compatibility: Android
  • Price:
    free installation with ads (BRL 51, 51 to remove them)
  • With more than 1024 millions of downloads on Google Play Store, this remote control app is one of the main options available. The list of compatible brands and models is extensive, and the tool allows connections from the infrared sensor or via Wi-Fi, in the case of Smart TVs.

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    Application is compatible with models of the main brands (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    The interface is simple and has quick connection options. The control screen, in turn, has a variety of buttons in addition to the traditional options to change channels and volume. In the case of Smart TVs, you can open the tools menu, use the keyboard and access the channel list, for example.

    Despite being a versatile option, the application has many ads during use, especially when switching screens. There is a paid alternative to remove them, offered for R$ 51,99 in a single payment.

    two. Mi Remote Controller

    • Compatibility: Android
  • Price: free
  • Xiaomi developed its own remote control app. Called Mi Remote Controller, the app works only on cell phones with infrared function, but it has great compatibility with external devices.

    Xiaomi’s application needs infrared (Image: André Magalhães/Screen capture)

    In addition to televisions, the application is compatible with air conditioners, set-top boxes, DVD players, projectors, fans and even security cameras. The list of compatible brands is also extensive, with use on TVs from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic and Sharp, for example.

    The application also allows you to separate your home devices into different ones environments. On the main screen, you can find all connected devices.

    3. SURE Universal Remote Cont

    • Compatibility: Android, iOS
  • Price: free
  • SURE is another very versatile app. With options for infrared sensor and Wi-Fi activations, the tool can be used to control televisions, DVD players, smart speakers, air conditioners and streaming devices.

    App can be used to control more than one device (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    One of the highlights of the app is the possibility of creating systems themselves. In this way, your cell phone can replace all remote controls in an environment, managing multiple devices simultaneously — as long as they are connected to the app.

    There is also the possibility of transmitting media content for your TV. To connect the devices, SURE offers two options: a search for all devices connected to the Wi-Fi network or a manual search through the list of compatible devices.

    4 . Samsung SmartThings

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS

  • Price: free
  • If you have a Samsung Smart TV with Tizen operating system, the device can be controlled to from Samsung SmartThings. This app is used to manage smart devices in your home and, in the case of televisions, it provides its own control.

    App can be used to control Samsung Smart TVs (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    To access this feature, you need to connect the TV to the app. In addition to the traditional options for switching input methods, channels and volume, SmartThings also offers shortcuts to open apps installed on your Smart TV, such as streaming services. With the platform integration, it is possible to configure automatic routines, such as turning on the device when you get home or mute the volume after receiving a call.

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    Despite this integration with the TV, SmartThings can perform even more functions in your home . The app can be used to configure connected devices in each environment in your home, customize automations and receive voice commands with Bixby, Samsung’s virtual assistant.

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