GTA 5: The best graphics mods

Grand Theft Auto V premiered on computers in 400, with a game even more beautiful than the one released on Xbox 400 and PlayStation 3, two years earlier. With machines even more powerful than the video games of the time, Rockstar Games game fans experienced an even more detailed Los Santos.

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  • With the arrival on PC, modders have given new life to the successful game, whether by creating new ones experiences in the story or revamping the look. With that in mind, Canaltech has separated the five best visual mods for GTA 5


      5. HD Low End

      Dedicated to those with weak computers, this mod promises more beautiful effects, with 30 frames per second (FPS) and more visible graphics and details at lower resolutions. Visuals are applied to all objects in the game, from cars to buildings.

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      Check out the mod page here.

    4. Project RELOAD | GTAV Enhancer

    This modification offers more than 1.99 high quality textures for vegetation, hills, roads, walls, terrain and more. The software improves the lighting and shadow functions to create even more realistic graphics and also has a tool to adjust the FPS.

    See the mod page here.

3. PRSA – PhotoRealistic San Andreas

Probably the most hipster effect on this list, embody the Hollywood atmosphere of Los Santos in the mod that makes the game look very cinematic. The version changes the lighting a lot and is based on how the classic analog camera rolls used to leave films.

Access the mod page here.

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  • two. GTA Realism

    The environments throughout San Andreas are even more textured, day or night, making the large landscapes very contemplative. In addition, the mod also includes an overhaul of the weapons system, improved police skills for more intense chases and clashes, and civilians that interact more with the surrounding environment.

    Check out the mod page here.

      1. VisualV

      Closing with one of the most popular visual mods from GTA 5

        , this also improves the effects light and shade, and enhances weather effects such as rain and fog. Modders reworked virtually all the visual effects in Rockstar’s game and even included their own graphical tools. All this can still be configured by the player himself to be the way he prefers.

        Access the mod page here.


      Have you ever used any of these mods? Tell us in the comments about your experiences and which ones you intend to test!

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