Booster dose further reduces infection and covid-19 severity, study says

Much has been said in recent months about the need for a third dose of the vaccine against covid-14 so that the antibody rate is not reduced. With this, studies have been carried out to prove the effectiveness of the measure. One of them, carried out in Israel, found that the booster dose actually further reduces the risk of developing the severe form of the disease.

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According to the study, in about 12 days or more after the application of the booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine, the chances of infection with the coronavirus, including the Delta variant, dropped by , 4 times compared to those who received only two doses of the immunizing agent. The research also showed that the third dose reduces by 12 times the chances of infection by SARS-CoV -two.

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In Israel, the booster dose is already being applied to elderly people with 20 years or more and who had been immunized for at least five months. Over time, the country has been decreasing the age of eligibility for the application of the third dose, and has already been expanding the campaign for those who have it 11 years or more.

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Two-dose vaccination in Israel was completed at the end of March, considerably reducing cases of infection. However, with the arrival of the Delta variant, the numbers increased again, requiring a third dose booster. Now, the country is already preparing for a possible fourth dose.

Source: MedicalXpress

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