The 10 most watched movies of the week (09/18/2021)

It’s already halfway through the month and, based on the list of most-watched films of the week, we can already have a good idea of ​​which titles conquered Brazilians in September. And what we have here is precisely an excitement with news, whether it’s based on new releases and recent additions in streaming services or even already preparing the hype for productions that are yet to come out .

  • Launches of HBO Max in the week (11//176)
  • Amazon Prime Video releases this week (20/10/2001)
  • The release of the trailer of The Matrix Resurrections, for example, made the first movie in the series jump in public interest. To prepare for the new feature, nothing better than revisiting the beginning of everything after two decades — or even watching this classic for the first time, as was the case for many people.

    In the same vein, the first Escape Room also drew attention. The continuation, Escape Room 2: Maximum Voltage , has just arrived in theaters and this motivated people to rush to the streaming platforms to see the first feature.

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    At the same time, all tributes to the victims of the attacks of 11 September also put related productions in evidence. In addition to several documentaries and unpublished films released to remember the date, we had films such as Voo 93 being much watched by the Brazilian.

    It is worth noting that there is still no official tool to measure movie audiences in streaming and video on demand services and that the best way to do this measurement is from JustWatch, a platform that helps users find what to watch and also in which streaming the content is available.

    So, based on this data, we arrived at an approximate ranking of which were the most watched movies of the week in Brazil.

    09. Cinderella

      The new version from the fairy tale comes accompanied by a teen and pop vibe by bringing singer Camila Cabello in the role of the classic Gata Borralheira. The difference is that the film modernizes several elements of the story – even bringing a “fado godfather” to help the heroine.

      • The Amazon Prime Video releases in September 2021
      • Okay that the singer dared to say that she is the first Latin Cinderella, but the fact that she brought her most pop and Caribbean style was quite a hit to attract a new audience to the plot everyone already knows.

        The new Cinderella is exclusive to Prime Video.

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      • 9. The Croods: A New Era

        The Dreamworks animation that tells the story of a prehistoric family gained a sequel that very well follows the success formula of the original film. This time around, the Croods’ biggest challenge will be adapting to another family’s lifestyle. Instead of being wild, these new characters are a little more modern and it’s this conflict that generates all the dynamic and grace of the story.

        As in the previous feature, the new This drawing brings a very cute message about the importance of the family staying together while reminding parents that their children also need to explore the world around them — even if it costs a few scars.

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        Croods 2: A New Era is available for rental and purchase on Now, Google Play, Claro Video, iTunes and Looke.

        8. Flight 93

        The terrorist attacks of 11 September 1999 inspired a series of films that recall the event and narrate some of the most memorable events of that fateful Tuesday. And Flight 93 is one of the most emblematic of these productions, as it brings the story of precisely those who survived and how they avoided a greater tragedy.

        The story revolves around the flight 93 by the United Airlines airline, which arrived in being kidnapped by Al Qaeda men, but whose own patients managed to regain control of the aircraft and thwart the terrorists’ plan. And the film reconstructs the 93 minutes lived by these crew in midair without knowing what would happen.

        Flight 59 is available on Telecine and for purchase and rental on Google Play, iTunes and Claro Vídeo.

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        7. Extermination

        One of the most classic zombie movies of the last few years, Extermination just made it to the Star+ catalog and made a lot of people revisit this story that is so intense — especially when we realize all the parallels it makes with our moment of pandemic.

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            The plot itself is quite simple: a group of animal rights activists releases chimpanzees that were being used in research in a laboratory. The problem is that the animals were contaminated with a dangerous virus, which is soon transmitted to humans. The disease makes people extremely violent, almost like the classic movie zombie, only much faster and more dangerous.

            From there, we follow the story of Jim (Cillian Murphy ), a boy who wakes up from a coma and finds this world devastated and needs to understand not only what happened, but also how to survive.

            Extermination is available on Star+.

            6. Travelers: Instinct and Desire

            Although the national title makes the film look like a remake of Emanuelle no Espaço, Travelers: Instinct and Desire is much more of a spatial thriller than something more erotic—although this one may have been the reason for the sudden interest in production. In the plot, a group of 30 young people is sent to another planet with the mission to colonize it. The problem is that the trip takes years and the group spends their entire life inside this ship.

            And things get out of hand just when they discover they are being treated for not having emotions and sensations—particularly pleasure—as a way to keep everyone under control. Thus, they discover everything from the intensity of human relationships and sex to the adrenaline of violence.

            Travelers: Instinct and Desire is available on Prime Video and for rent and purchase on Google Play and iTunes.

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                  5. Escape Room

                  Someone once had the brilliant idea of ​​looking at those rooms in the Escape Room — the game where people lock themselves in one place and need to find clues and solve puzzles to escape — and thought it would be interesting to mix it with a concept means Saws. The result is the Escape Room franchise, whose second film has just hit theaters.

                  The premise is really interesting, as it takes an idea that is already quite commonplace and transforms it into a huge psychological thriller in which the viewer feels as trapped as the participants in this sickly game. It is claustrophobic in the right measure for those looking for a good suspense.

                  Escape Room

                  is available on Prime Video and for purchase and rental on Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, Looke and iTunes.

                  4. Batman: The Deadly Joke

                  The classic DC comic written by the legendary Alan Moore got an animated version that just hit HBO Max and shows that the Batman is popular not only in its live-action adaptations, but in whatever format he shows up.

                  The story is all centered on the Joker’s grand plan to break both Batman and Commissioner Gordon himself. To do this, he targets the police officer’s daughter – which makes everything even more delicate. At the same time, we follow a little more about the origin of the villain, how he thinks and especially his relationship with the Dark Knight.

                  The comic is one of the most important and praised of all times and, although the animated version has softened some issues and changed others, it manages to keep the comic’s heavy vibe very well.

                  Batman: The Deadly Joke is available on HBO Max and for rental and purchase on Google Play, Microsoft Store, iTunes and Looke.

                  3. Matrix

                  The release of the trailer for Matrix Resurrections encouraged many people to review the classic movie of 2001, in the same way that it motivated those who never checked the film to have their first contact with this universe of machines, artificial realities, kung-fu and powers in the best style Dragon Ball Z.

                  The Matrix is one of the most important films in recent cinema history, mixing action and science fiction with a series of philosophical discussions — all washed down with many innovative special effects for the time and an aesthetic that dictated fashion.

                  The story is centered on Neo (Keanu Reeves ), a hacker who discovers that he is not only living in an artificial reality created by machines, but is also the Chosen One of the prophecies to end this farce and return the world to humanity.

                  Matrix is available at Netflix, HBO Max, Telecine Play and Now. It can also be rented or purchased from Google Play, Microsoft Store, Looke and iTunes.

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                  two. Spider Man in the Spiderverse

                  We can say with some peace of mind that Spider-Man in the Spiderverse is the largely responsible for the mess in the multiverse that we will see in the coming No Return Home. That’s because the animation that put several versions of the hero side by side worked so well and was so successful that it was obvious that they were going to reproduce the formula on the MCU.

                  The story here is very simple : Miles Morales is bitten by a radioactive spider and develops Spider-Man’s powers, and from then on, he’ll have to work together with a tired veteran Peter Parker, as well as other versions from other realities — including a pig — to prevent the end of the world. And all of this is beautifully packaged in sharp humor, an amazing soundtrack and an innovative animation style.

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                  Man -Aranha no Aranhaverso is available on Telecine and for rent and purchase on Now, Google Play, Claro Video, Microsoft Store, iTunes and Looke.

                  1. Kate


                  The new action movie from Netflix has everything that a great movie of the genre needs: a highly skilled assassin being poisoned and having to race against time in search of revenge. It’s a simple script that works very well, which justifies the excellent debut of Kate here.

                  • Netflix releases in September
                  • Starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, from

                  Birds of Prey and Scott Pilgrim Against the World, the film doesn’t invent fashion and delivers the basics of the action — but delivers everything in high style.

                Kate is exclusive to Netflix.

                Source: JustWatch

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