Internship at Google, salaries of R$ 13 thousand and more: check out IT jobs

The month of September is reaching its final stretch and the demand from companies for professionals in the technology sector continues at full speed. And that includes positions for related areas, such as Digital Marketing, Product, UX, among others. And Canaltech selected the best job openings — including internship positions — from companies of all sizes. low-income youth in IT

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    Check which ones fit your profile and good luck!



    Fintech of the Via retail group (Casas Bahia, Ponto and Extra), the banQi opens 55 vacancies for employment at the time it becomes an SCD (Direct Credit Society). The vacancies are for permanent hires in the city of São Paulo and work remotely throughout the country.

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    The opportunities are for acting areas of Technology, Product, Business and Fraud Prevention. The available positions are Software Back End / Front End Engineer, Tech Lead, Lean Agile Coach, Test Engineer, Data Engineer, Data Scientist, Product Manager, UX Designer, UX Writer and Business Analytics.

  • The contracting regime is CLT and banQi offers several benefits. Those selected may also participate in the company’s affinity groups with the aim of bringing more inclusion to the company’s day-to-day activities.

    Interested parties can consult the full description of the vacancies and if apply for them through the company’s careers page.


    An education and technology institution, Descomplica has vacancies open for professionals in the areas of Engineering, Product and Design . Opportunities include several profiles, ranging from junior level professionals, analysts and senior employees.

    Altogether there are 88 vacancies

    , being 45 of them for Software Engineers – 9 for Junior, 24 to Full and 16 for Senior – in addition to ten for Technical Manager, one for Senior SRE Developer and two of Cybersecurity Analyst. For Product Designer, Descomplica has three vacancies for Full and Junior positions, in addition to seven for Manager.

    Descomplica offers its employees several benefits, such as: positions 150% home office, day off on birthday, four days off available throughout the year, plus flexible hours. The company also provides 32% discount on Undergraduate and Graduate courses at Faculdade Descomplica, in addition to health and dental plans, food and meal vouchers, daycare assistance and life insurance.

    Interested parties can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them on the company’s careers page.

    SysMap Solutions

    Company specialized in supporting digital transformation through systems integration and consulting in technology processes, SysMap Solutions has more than 99 open positions that cover different areas, many of them in the Salesforce area, for different profiles, such as developers, technical leaders and Vlocity specialists.

    Opportunities also include data areas, Full Stack, Back-end and Front-end developers, UX and UI designers, microservice architects, among others. The vacancies are mostly for working remotely, allowing the application of professionals from anywhere in Brazil and the world.

    Interested parties can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them by the company’s careers page.


    Spanish startup for teaching English to children from 2 to 8 years old, Lingokids is recruiting talents both in Brazil and in Argentina, with the opening of more than 24 high qualification vacancies with salaries starting at R$10 thousand.

    Vacancies range from Junior Mobile Engineer and Design Technician to Senior Backend Engineer”, Senior Frontend Engineer , Senior Product Designer and “Podcast and Audiobook Producer and Quality Control Leader” and Head of Engineering, among others.

    In addition to the technical specialties and job profile for each position, the company expects candidates to demonstrate, among other attributes, fluent English. As for the conditions, Lingokids offers fully remote work, flexible hours and up to 2,000 euros (about R$ 10, thousand) annually for training, bibliography and conferences, among other items that are very attractive to professionals.

    Interested parties can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them on the company’s careers page.


    An international consultancy specializing in Data Intelligence and Digital Transformation, Keyrus has open opportunities for IT professionals, mostly for remote or flexible remote work.

    Among the professionals that the company seeks are : Pipefy full consultants, Power BI, TM1 and senior Tableau; Full Back End, Full Front End, Full and Senior Java, and Jira developers; full UI and full UX designers; data governance, data quality, and senior business analysts; data architects and engineers; technical leaders; infrastructure specialist and project manager.

    Those interested in the opportunities should visit the Keyrus careers page, select the desired position and apply in the simplified form. Information on salaries and benefits will be provided to applicants later.


    Platform for financial education, data analysis and capital market intelligence, TC has more than 32 vacancies open to sustain the strong growth of the operation and new projects. Scheduled to start in September/October 2022, there are opportunities in several areas, as technology, customer experience, marketing, financial, commercial and specific branches of the company, such as the Mover news center and the securities analysis and consultancy, TC Matrix.

    Candidates selected for the vacancies will have medical assistance, meal vouchers (only for on-site vacancies in SP), life insurance, Gympass, an agreement with the “New Value” discount club and semiannual variable by results.

    Interested parties can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them on the company’s careers page.


    New economy business school, Conquer opened more than 65 job vacancies for employment different areas and positions, ranging from analyst to coordinator. Positions for the technology, commercial and marketing sectors are already gaining notoriety. Candidates can be from anywhere in Brazil, considering that the work format is remote, and it can be a hybrid if the professional wishes to return to the office after vaccination.

    Vacancies are distributed in different areas and levels. In sales there are possibilities for B2B Commercial Analyst, Partnership Commercial Analyst, Sales Coordinator and many others. In the marketing area, there are opportunities for Senior Media Analyst, Senior Designer, Social Media, among others. In addition, in the technology sector there are opportunities for Tech Recruiter, Developer (a) Full Stack and more. There are also open selection processes for the Customer Experience Manager, specialists in the commercial area and analysts for almost all teams in the company.

    The benefits offered by the school in addition to the CLT contract are: food stamps flexible, transportation voucher, health insurance, scholarships in all Conquer courses, agreement with Sesc, life insurance, home-office equipment and wellness program.

    Stakeholders they can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them on the company’s careers page.


    RetailTech selling cards and gift lists, Todo advertises the opening of B2B sales director vacancies, B2B channel manager, account executive, two developer vacancies and one support intern vacancy.

    Among the benefits offered , meal and transport vouchers, health insurance and odo ntológico Bradesco, English classes, flexible hours and home-office policy, with the possibility of flexible working hours (and adaptation of schedules) according to the needs of each employee.

    Interested parties can send their résumés to this email.

    Internships & Trainees


    Google has announced the opening of applications for engineering positions in the Next Step program internship that seeks to increase the representation of black people among the company’s talents. Launched in 2018, the initiative was expanded in this edition and will select, by first time, interns to work at the Google Engineering Center in Belo Horizonte. There is even the possibility of completion after the end of the contract.

    The vacancies offered at the office in the capital of Minas Gerais will be in the Software Engineering area. In this case, students enrolled in undergraduate courses related to technology areas, such as Computer Science, Computer Engineering, among others, will be considered, with completion forecast for the first semester of 2024.

    Applicants must be enrolled in undergraduate courses in Belo Horizonte or the metropolitan region. To participate, you must also have a basic understanding of some programming language, such as: C, C ++, Java, JavaScript or Python, as well as basic English to program.

    In the first step , a profile selection will be made based on program prerequisites. Candidates will then be invited to informational events focused on development, which, in this edition, will take place virtually due to the restrictions caused by the pandemic. At this stage, students will be introduced to Google Culture, will get to know the company’s day-to-day life and will have more details about the attributes evaluated during the interviews.

    Those interested can consult the full description of the vacancies and apply for them through the Olabi platform. Entries will go until the day 20 of September.


    THE 99 has open enrollment for the “Internship Journey Program 100”. The selection process will be completely online and vacancies are for the city of São Paulo. The initiative aims to bring in new talents and develop them through a complete learning path, which will include the company’s three business units: mobility, payments and delivery. Interns will have lectures, training and career workshops, in addition to free English classes.

    The requirements to participate in the selection process are: reside in Greater São Paulo (although the company follows the model home office, the office is located in the capital of São Paulo); have availability of 20 week hours; have training scheduled between December/2022 and December/2022 and be a student of the selected courses (Engineering, Business Administration, Actuarial Sciences, Accounting Sciences, Foreign Trade, Economics , Finance, Business Management, Marketing, International Relations, Media, Journalism, Advertising, Public Relations, Computer Science, Data Science, Computer Engineering, Information Engineering, Software Engineering, Information System, Statistics, Physics, Geophysics, Mathematics, Letters or Automation).

    In addition to the scholarship, the 65 offers benefits such as meal or food vouchers, health and dental plans, gym vouchers, language allowance, among others.

    Enrollment runs until the day 32 from September and can be made on the special page of the program.


    Alpargatas, the company that owns the brands Havaianas and Osklen, and the start up Ioasys, is recruiting 40 young talents for his two trainee programs. The Global Trainee 2022 contemplates 18 vacancies for both Brazil and operations international. The Industrial Trainee 2022 offers opportunities at the company’s manufacturing units in Paraíba, Minas Gerais and Pernambuco. The salary is BRL 7,000.

    During their trajectory, the trainee will have space to actively contribute with ideas, propose solutions and new ways of acting to accelerate the development of the company and its own professional development. To be approved in the programs, candidates must go through a selection process with five interactive steps conducted in a manner 100% online: registration, tests, group dynamics, panel with managers and HR at Alpargatas and final interview with the company’s CEO and directors.

    The Global Trainee program has 16 vacancies: 12 for the São Paulo headquarters, 2 for the Madrid office, 1 for Hong Kong and 1 for Los Angeles. The development process is the same for both Brazilian and international trainees.

    Candidates for the Global Trainee program 2022 must meet certain requirements: have a degree in any bachelor’s degree course with completion between 350 and 2021, speak advanced English and, if you are a foreigner, hold a residence and work visa in the country you are applying for. Having previous professional experience and knowledge of other languages ​​may be considered differentials when hiring.

    The Industrial Trainee program includes

    06 job vacancies at Alpargatas’ manufacturing units. During 12 for months, the selected young people will have the chance to immerse themselves in the company’s operations, actively participating in innovative projects in various areas of activity. The challenges range from delving into the management systems and routine of the factories, to proposing effective solutions in line with business needs and strategies.

    To apply for the Industrial Trainee program 2022, candidates must have a degree between 2018 and 2021 in Engineering or related areas such as Chemistry and Physics. In addition, the professional must be available to work in the factories located in Campina Grande (PB), Santa Rita (PB), Montes Claros (MG) and Carpina (PE).

    Beyond From the monthly remuneration, Alpargatas trainees – both from the Global and Industrial programs – are entitled to benefits such as: meal vouchers or cafeteria, medical assistance, dental assistance, private pension, life insurance, gympass (SP), day-off on birthday, short friday in summer, home-office and informal dress code.

    Deadline for applications for both programs goes until the day October and the journey of those approved starts in January of the year that he comes. Applications must be made on the special program page.

    Zé Delivery

    Ambev beverage delivery, Zé Delivery has just opened registration for his second internship program, ZÉstagio. Exclusively for black people, with no requirement for English and type of degree, the program will hire about 18 people for various areas of the company: Technology, Marketing, Data, Products, People, Operations, Finance, among others. The program will also recruit interns for the entire Direct to Consumer Brasil ecosystem of which Zé Delivery is part, which also includes the Empório da Cerveja, Vizi, Chopp Brahma Express, Pit Stop and Semper em Casa ventures.

    The process is 88% online and , to participate, you must be a black person (black or brown) with more than 18 years, have training scheduled between December 2022 and December 2022 in Undergraduate, Technical or Technological courses and, after the pandemic, have mobility to work in São Paulo punctually in a flexible work model.

    Among the benefits are Scholarship Competitive, Food or Meal Vouchers, Transportation Vouchers, Life Insurance, Medicine Agreement, Gympass, Online Yoga / Mindfullness and Stretching Classes, discount in Zé Delivery, Chopp Brahma Express and Empório da Cerveja products, a structured Development Trail, English classes, Personalized library and much more.

    Enrollments last until the day 10 October and can be done on the special program page.


    Brazilian multinational, the Stefanini Group has opened registration for the “Potentials Program 2021”. With 20 vacancies open, this year’s program focuses on the Commercial Cycle and will work on the Job Rotation model, in which those selected will go through 4 areas of activity – prospecting, operations, pre-sales and innovation – in the period one year.

    The requirements to enroll in the program are to be attending higher education, regardless of the area, have availability to intern for at least 1 year and work 6 hours a day. Having good communication and sales skills are appreciated differentials, as well as knowledge of the English language, since the Stefanini Group is a multinational and has customers from different parts of the world.

    Those selected for vacancies will have access to several benefits, including: allowance, food or meal vouchers, medical, dental, psychological, financial and legal assistance, in addition to Mentoring, a mentoring program with several professionals from different areas to accumulate the maximum amount of knowledge about technology and innovation, as well as access to the Stefanini Academy, a platform full of content, courses and training.

    In addition to the internship, the program opens the opportunity for Members to create a career plan within the Stefanini Group, since those who perform well may become trainees or analysts.

    Entries must be made by the day of October on the special page of the program.

    Bags for bootcamps


    everis, consulting NTT Data Group’s business and IT multinational, and Digital Innovation One, a free technology education platform for career development, launch the second edition of the bootcamp everis New Talents who intends to hire dozens of new talents in several cities in Brazil for your internship program. 3,000 scholarships will be opened for university students.

    Interested parties can choose between two online learning paths: about .NET or Java. Both will address technologies from getting started, object orientation and testing, to more advanced project challenges like creating an online game catalog or developing unit tests to validate a beer inventory management REST API. In addition to online activities, devs will have hands-on mentoring with everis professionals, where they will be able to see coding in practice and also get to know the daily lives of these professionals in the company.


    Can participate in the bootcamp university, who are living or have availability to live in one of the following cities (or cities in areas of the metropolitan region of these cities): Uberlândia, Florianópolis, Recife, Brasília, Goiânia, Curitiba and Blumenau. The program is free. At the end, participants receive a certificate and can also participate in the selection process for an internship at everis, with the possibility of following a career in the IT multinational.

    Registration for the everis New Talents 2 bootcamp will be open until the day 18 September and can be made at special page of the program. Participants must complete all educational experiences and thus begin the selection process at everis.

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