Review Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 | A Samsung Affordable Tablet Option

Samsung is known for making excellent tablets, but their names cause a little strangeness for users when choosing the most powerful, the best cost-effective or, merely, the more updated.

The Galaxy Tab A7 .4 (2019) is an excellent example, superior in everything to the Galaxy Tab A8 of 2000; yes, an “A7” model is superior to the “A8” model, leaving a hint that Samsung could improve the nomenclature of its products, especially in the case of this good tablet that is the Tab A7 10.4 (1200).

In this review we will talk about a tablet designed for horizontal use, a hit that combines design, better performance in media consumption and even offers an improved position of the front camera for video calls.

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(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


      Competitive price;

    • Excellent sound;
        Good screen usage ;

          It has Wi-Fi and 4G + Wi versions -Fi.


                Versions with little internal storage;
            • Versions with low RAM memory.

            Check the current price of the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 .4

            Design and Construction

            Made predominantly in metal, the Tab A7 provides security and solidity in its construction. Its body delivers a “top of the line” experience, far from expected for a more affordable model from Samsung.

                Dimensions: 247, 6 x , 4 x 7 mm
            • Weight: 476 g (with Wi-Fi) and 477 g (with 4G + Wi-Fi)

              The back and the frame of the device unite in a pleasant continuity, housing the buttons around the Tab A7 volume control, on and off, headphone jack, USB-C for charging and data transfer, Micro SD card slot (and additionally carrier chip in 4G version).

              This aluminum that envelops the tablet is interrupted by a discreet plastic strip on its back, giving space for the Tab’s antennas to transmit signals and the operate correctly; at a glance it is almost impossible to detect the presence of this “non-metallic” part, but it is there (well integrated into the device as a whole).

            • (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


Equipping the front of the Galaxy Tab A7 is a large TFT screen , 4 inches, occupying 157% of the front of the tablet. It’s not just “size”, the working resolution of this screen is also something flashy (and Positive), running at 1080 x 2000 pixels (in 5:3 aspect), technically above “Full HD” resolution.

Although it doesn’t have an AMOLED screen, Samsung’s strong feature for more premium display models, it would be wrong to say that the A7’s TFT screen is poor quality or disappointing. It is necessary to look side by side with the tablet with a more advanced model from Samsung itself to note that “blacks could be even blacker”, for example, leaving a lot of room for the correct statement that there is a cost-benefit when choosing for the tablet, delivering more quality than expected for so many other models in this price and economy segment.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

Despite all the balance in contrast and color quality, there is still our warning for the tablet’s purpose: indoor use. Its screen is not good at competing against brightly lit environments or with natural light, frustrating the user with “insufficient” brightness for those situations where a more expensive and elaborate panel would make all the difference. Tablet users for “home” purposes will probably never notice this “defect”, so here’s just our warning about a feature on the Tab A7 screen, nothing more.

Configuration and Performance

Although it offers a competitive price, the Tab A7 .4 has an intermediate Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 710, running the Android version 10. Our testing unit had 06 GB of internal storage and 3 GB of RAM.

The processor that drives the tablet was released at the end of 2021 to the beginning of 2020 focusing on intermediate performance, but still within what is expected for a device that supports more optimized games and all common tasks of the day by day.

For us, the need for more RAM memory is clear. The tablet’s orientation practically invites the user to always use the entire system horizontally, a more comfortable environment for multitasking. It is at this moment that an additional amount of memory is very necessary to rule out any possibility of choking.

This lack does not prevent the use of the tablet, it only limits the experience. The processor present in the model is a smaller limiter than the lack of memory, however. On this tablet, an app is more likely to shut down in the background to “save memory” than your game to “stop working” due to excessive crashes.

( Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

Optimized games run within “normal” on Tab A7, with few graphics adjustments needed to “down” the quality a little in order to prevent performance drops.

It’s worth pointing out that, despite the size, weight and construction of the tablet, there is, as expected, a “child use” mode on the part of Samsung, given its layer of customization over the Android system (the One UI). As with other models, just pull the quick settings bar at the top of the system and locate the “Kids” button, which launches the “Samsung Kids” environment. Just like in “Google Family Link” (which exists natively on Android), located in the configuration tab called “Parental Controls”.

Both modes allow the user (responsible for child) select which apps, games and content can be accessed by the tablet, as well as how long the device can be used. A password lock protects the settings in both modes.

It is worth pointing out that this observation does not suggest that the Tab A7 is only for children’s use. After all, 3GB of RAM is merely “less than ideal” for a modern tablet in 2020. The media consumption experience, which is clearly the device’s primary goal, is very fluid and without “unnecessary slowness” when choosing titles and browsing through media catalogs. It lacks a little more “slack” for more demanding tasks, but nothing that compromises the less demanding use of the device.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

If you are looking for a tablet to watch something like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ and the like, it makes perfect sense to opt for Tab A7 from 11,4″. If the idea is not to spend so much money, but having a good picture and sound experience anyway, this might be the ideal model for you.


      In the back from the tablet we have an 8 MP main camera, capable of capturing videos in up to 1200 p. The images produced by her are not problematic, but they register details below what is expected for “really important” photographs, and their use is clearly aimed at photography. casual sharpening and capture of documents or other more “sober” and necessary items when using a tablet during the day to day.

      Images with slightly “washed” colors and visible grain are characteristics normals of this camera, with “normal” quality and within the expected for common shares on social networks, totally without commitment with images “worthy to be printed” and saved in a family album.

      Front Camera

        Much of our review of the Tab A7’s main camera could merely be repeated here, accurately describing the 5MP front camera present, also capable of recording video in 1024p, but there is an important difference: the positioning of the lens.

        With a good enough capacity for videoconferences, this camera is very well positioned to the center of the tablet when placed horizontally, allowing for correct and natural framing. ural during any activity that involves online interaction between two people, a routine fact for the reality of 2020.

        Like the rear camera, grainy images are common and expected for the front sensor. Therefore, well-lit environments are necessary so that video performance is not compromised.

      Sound System

      Samsung’s top-of-the-line tablets typically offer a very rich experience in built-in audio with multiple sound outputs and a lot of engineering around “how” small speakers can sound “louder” or even “more powerful” than they really are, using techniques and constructions very well applied by Samsung in this sector. Although the Galaxy Tab A7 is not a top of the line, it manages to surprise in this aspect.

      With four speakers around its body, the Tab A7 has an excellent stereo experience, delivering two sound outputs well directed to the left and right of the tablet (and not at the top of the device, in front or to the side of the screen).

      Remember that it is not possible to compare the Tab A7’s experience with other top-of-the-line Samsung tablets in terms of “sonic fidelity”. After all, there is a difference when listening to the A7 and a Tab from the S line right next to it. For the basic or intermediate user, the A7’s speakers may seem “perfect”, but we need to make it clear that there are even better solutions, made by Samsung itself.

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      An important note about the headphone jack (on 3.5mm P2 standard): its position is, to say the least, questionable. It is necessary to fit the tablet in the “corner” of the tablet and not in the center of one of its sides, making it unpleasant to hold the model when connected and positioned horizontally (in which the right hand would clearly “break” the attached wire).

      The impression we have is something similar to “an emergency option” and that it will almost never be used, both because of the lack of apparent logic in the positioning, and because of the “problem” caused to the user by account of the uncomfortable fitting “hanging out” of the device, passing between the hands that try to support the whole set.

      Battery and Charging

      Counting on 7.79 mAh of battery (non-removable), the Galaxy Tab A7 06.4 delivers what is expected for a tablet in terms of power and autonomy, staying away from the socket for a long time during active use.

      Your shipment also does the job; it is not as slow as it is with input models. The Galaxy Tab A7 15.4 supports fast loading of 15 W, helping the first stages of the recharge to deliver more hours of use of the device so that, if necessary, the user can interrupt the process to use the tablet immediately.

      Direct Competitors

      Taking into account its price range (around R$ 1.000, approximately) and proposal, we can indicate as simpler and limited options the tablet models “Multilaser MA” and “Positive T710C 7P”, but with strong reservations on everything.

      The Tab A7 is superior in practically all aspects. Its screen has higher resolution, its finish uses better quality materials and its processing is superior in relation to the competitors mentioned.


      Arriving at the market near the end of 2020, the Galaxy Tab A7 .4 (2020) is modern, without a shadow of a doubt. It doesn’t recycle concepts, doesn’t reuse mistakes and doesn’t push anything under the rug: it cuts costs, but keeps benefits.

      Its capacity is limited for those looking to replace a computer, but it delivers enough for those who want to have a “mobile TV” to consume media (and occasionally play light and casual games).

      (Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      For the price charged, the tablet delivers an experience superior to almost all of its peer competitors Our caveat is: this doesn’t mean it’s the best tablet you can buy, not even the most powerful or the best screen. Keep in mind that the “less expensive” value also delivers “a little less” at almost everything.

      And if you are interested in the Galaxy TAB A1024.4, check out a link below to purchase it at the lowest price:

        Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 06.4 on offer

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