Wonder Woman Discovers Powers With Her New Talking Lasso

The Lasso of Truth is perhaps Wonder Woman’s most iconic weapon. In addition to using it to trap very powerful villains, the heroine still manages to force them to tell the truth. All very cool, but the current phase of Amazon comics in the US have brought a new lace that is not only purple, but brings some upgrades as well.

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  • Spoilers to follow. In Wonder Woman#779, written by Becky Cloonan and Michael Conrad and illustrated by Travis Moore, Diana attends to a hint of the talking loop: the Challenger (or Deadman) lies inert in front of him – victim of the villain Janus – and the object says it can try to revive him in the kind of “limbo” he acts. And ends up getting it. Just remembering that the Challenger already lives in a sphere between life and death, like the ghost of his flesh-and-blood human alter-ego Boston Brand.

    In previous issues, the noose demonstrated a somewhat sinister nature and made other, less friendly suggestions, such as convincing the heroine to subdue her enemies, something that goes against its bearer’s pacifist nature. In the same edition, it is discovered that this tie belonged to beings called Fates (Destinies) and the Amazon ceases to carry the weapon in the end. It is unclear whether its use in resurrecting the Challenger will have future consequences.

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      Woman -Marvel revives the Challenger with the new loop (Image: Playback/DC Comics)

      The ScreenRant website reminds us that this is not the first alternative loop to Truth. Donna Troy, the Wonder Girl, once had the Bond of Persuasion, while Cassie Sandsmark (the second Wonder Girl) wore the Bond of Lightning. Even the evil version of Diana from Earth-3, Superwoman, had the Bond of Submission.

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        The Wonder Woman story arc is taking the character on a tour of the DC Multiverse, and with each new location she ends up adapting her uniform to the atmosphere from the place — after the events of Dark Nights: Death Metal, Diana has joined the pantheon of cosmic entities and comes visiting various realities before becoming a true cosmic goddess of the current DC Omniverse. The plot is part of the celebration of the 30 years of the superheroine, completed in December of this year. She debuted in All Star Comics #8, in 1941.

        Source: ScreenRant

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