Afterverse is looking for professionals to work with games — and HR gives tips

It’s not exactly a novelty that companies around the world are fighting for the slap of technology professionals. Only in Brazil, according to data from the Brazilian Association of Information Technology and Communication Companies (Brasscom), up to 1024, 50 thousand jobs will be created in the sector in the country. However, higher education courses in the area train less than 50 thousand professionals in the area annually . In other words, there are (many) people in this market.

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    Therefore, companies need to be surgical when attracting talent to their staff. And this involves not only offering good salaries and benefits, but also planning for hiring, which involves an alignment between the IT and Human Resources areas. And, in the latter, the sector increasingly requires professionals with specific knowledge so that the selection of candidates is accurate.

    And that’s where the tech recruiter comes in, an HR professional specialized in hiring talent for the technology area. This specialist is able to understand not only the so-called soft skills, but also the hard skills (specific IT knowledge), so that the candidate is aligned with the company’s digital transformation projects.

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    And to explain how the process of hiring professionals for your IT area works, theCanaltech

    talks weekly with tech recruiters from the biggest companies in Brazil, as well as startups. In the chat, they will explain how the entire process is carried out, which profiles are most sought after and how these companies attract — and retain — these talents.

    And in today’s edition, we spoke with Laís Cabral , tech recruiter at Afterverse, Movile’s game studio (controller of apps like PlayKids and iFood, among others) and responsible for the PK XD, one of the most popular mobile games today and with over 50 millions of active users around the world.

    And in the interview, she talks about how the company selects IT professionals, what are the most sought after specialties, the recruitment process and much more.

    Laís Cabral, tech recruiter at Afterverse (Image: Ivulgação / Afterverse)

    Check how the chat went:

    Canaltech – Currently, how is the pace of and hiring IT professionals by Afterverse? Does the company have plans for growth in the area for the coming months?

    Laís Cabral:

    Fast paced! We are a Movile Group company, which means that technology and innovation are in our DNA. So, it is natural that a large part of our team is focused on professionals in this area. In addition, there is also the fact that Afterverse operates in the Gamer market, which had been hot for some years and, after social isolation, accelerated even more! So, yes, we have a strong and active recruiting plan for the coming months, with positions in various areas, with the goal of composing by December the team that will enable Afterverse’s bold mission to produce unforgettable games!

    CT – And, currently, for which positions is Afterverse most seeking professionals for its technology area? Engineers, Developers, Designer, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence?


    Practically all of these! We are strengthening the team for the challenges ahead, so we have many open positions for different levels of seniority and focused on technology. We assess profiles more by their computing comprehension skills (object orienting, algorithms and data structure) than merely by knowledge of the specific languages ​​we use. We work with a variety of systems and, as I mentioned before, we believe in constant training and development.

    To name a few examples of our technology positions currently available, we have: Client team with positions of Game Developer (including exclusive positions for women), Data team with positions of Data Science, Data Engineer and Data Analyst, Art team with positions of Tech Art, 3D Modeling, Concept Artist, in addition to other specific positions for UX and UA.

    CT – When starting the process of hiring IT professionals, how is the planning done between HR and the technology area from Afterverse? What information is exchanged between the two sectors?

    LC: This is an important step for the People area to be able to support the company’s current expansion. Therefore, we carry out quarterly alignments with senior leadership, looking at the product roadmap and understanding how many and which professionals we will need in the coming months.

    After this stage, we also hold meetings with the direct leaders of the positions that need to be opened and, at this moment, we define their scope of work, noting which skills are involved, as well as what are the differentials and challenges of each position. From there, we started to look for these people.

    CT – What knowledge the HR professional at Afterverse today has to select IT professionals for the company’s cadres? Does she have access to some type of course to be able to select with more property for this area?


    In addition to having a specialized team of tech recruiters (with market experience and specific courses), our People team has access to various trainings through a platform online with content from Udemy, Harvard ManageMentor, among others. And, as we are part of an ecosystem of technology and innovation, there are many opportunities for exchange (benchmarking) and learning with the group’s companies, as well as more formal training, such as one promoted by Movile aimed at hiring in the technology area and covering both the People team and the direct managers, the so-called hiring managers.

    In this way, it was possible to accelerate the hiring process at a more scalable level. Another very important point is the motivation itself: our recruiters are curious and passionate about the business. We combine a strategic look at recruiting with passion for what we are building to attract and recruit the best talent.

    CT – And what Afterverse is looking for today, in general , in an IT professional? The company prefers to invest in one more professional, so to speak, ready? Or do you opt for someone who can be molded indoors? Or is there space for these two profiles?


    Afterverse prioritizes — and this applies to all areas — professionals who are well aligned with the company’s culture. For example, one of our values ​​is that people are protagonists of their journey, seeking constant self-development. With this, it is clear that we are betting on the potential of people aligned with our way of being and acting.

    We believe in the development model in which people arrive with a technical base that will improve with the support of the team and mentorships, with the experiences of daily challenges and with the courses we have on our MyAcademy learning platform.

    CT – In general, how does the selection process for a technology professional at Afterverse? How many steps does the candidate go through before being hired?

    LC: The beginning of the process can be either with a more proactive approach through sources such as LinkedIn, or by screening resumes registered in our open positions. After that, there are basically 3 steps:

    Chat with Recruiter

    : this is the moment when HR will talk to the candidate (and it’s just another chat!), seeking a spontaneity of narrative, in order to understand the person’s profile, their adherence to our Culture, their expectations, their trajectory etc.

    Chat with Leadership: this is the moment when direct management will understand a little more about how this person’s trajectory translates into knowledge and skills that can contribute to the area.

    Chat with Colleague: this is the moment when another person from the area will address questions different from step 2 and generate further validations from a technical point of view. It also contributed to cases where there is a tie between two people for the same position.

    After these steps, there is a moment of discussion between Recruiters and people involved in the evaluation process, so that the approved talents are defined and, consequently, they will receive a proposal to join the team.

    CT – A recent survey by HR Tech Vulpi points out that 75% of IT professionals abandon the selection process when there is a very long technical test in the selection process. So, how can Afterverse address this issue: the need to know candidates’ qualifications without having to take overly long tests?


    Currently, We adopt a non-testing model that focuses on situational questions to clarify what strengths and what points need to be developed for each candidate person. We believe in the following combination: appropriate questions + environment that allows spontaneity. This is because, if the person is comfortable, without feeling pressured, they can more easily communicate the technical and behavioral skills that will give us the necessary knowledge for an effective hiring.

    CT – How has Afterverse been dealing with the shortage of IT professionals in the market? What precautions has the company been taking to get the profile of the professional hired right?


    We know the technology market in Brazil — and in the world! — is hot, largely because of the remote work opportunities that last year has brought. Therefore, offering a differential is vital in this very competitive scenario. Showing the value that work will have and the impact it will have on society awakens a factor that has been decisive for professionals who can choose where they want to work: the purpose.

    We get it right in hiring whenever you bring to the team someone who has a purpose in line with ours: to release unforgettable games that break down barriers and connect people globally. It’s a bold idea and, therefore, it constantly offers great challenges, which is also a highly regarded motivator by people who choose Afterverse.

    Another point worth mentioning is that our technical team is really passionate about what she does and very talented. Therefore, many people who want to develop in this segment come to us for the opportunity to learn from other talents we have at Afterverse. In addition, being part of a universe that is being built, which already has enormous growth potential and offers a welcoming Culture, encourages people to be part of this story from the beginning.

    CT – And how Afterverse works with talent retention in such a disputed area and where your index rover is considered high?

    LC: Retention is also closely linked to the issue of purpose, Culture and the challenges we have at Afterverse. Our environment is innovative, motivating and collaborative, open to the expression of all people. This translates into diversity and acceptance, which are our differentials. We constantly work to engage our people, strengthening our values ​​and our employer brand.

    We offer career monitoring, with a culture of close leadership, which includes the practice of constant feedback and evaluations of performances in defined cycles to recognize and advance the careers of people who are impacting our business. Those who value this work model stay here for reasons that go beyond the basic benefits.

    Of course, with such bold goals, the team’s achievements are enormous and this ends up also resulting in these benefits common ones, such as bonus payments. But it is not the primary factor that causes the

    Bravers503828 — as we call people at Afterverse — stay with us.

    CT – With remote work extended due to covid pandemic-75, opened space for companies to hire professionals from all over the country. Does Afterverse work with this Anywhere Office model? If so, is it also valid for professionals from abroad or is it restricted to Brazil?


    Absolutely, we adopt the remote working model from anywhere in the world! Afterverse’s proposal is to break down barriers and that goes beyond our games. Our positions in Anywhere Office allow for greater variety in hiring, which is essential for us to maintain Diversity in teams, another essential value of our Culture.

    CT – Today, what is the average remuneration offered by Afterverse at the Junior, Full and Senior levels in your IT area? Do employees also have a benefit package?


    The values ​​are within the best practices of the Gamer market. We have been doing this analysis, comparing data from similar players and proposing some internal adjustments to remain competitive. Our positions are CLT, guaranteeing all the benefits. In addition, we have some differentials, for example:

  • Extended maternity and paternity leave;
  • Maternity leave with gradual return;
  • Daycare and School Supplies Assistance;
  • Legal, financial, social and psychological assistance to collaborators;
  • Nuclei and internal groups (LGBTQIA+, Black People, Women and Allied People) that act as a support network ;
  • Assistance for trans people and for people with disabilities;
  • GymPass;
  • Home Office Assistance;
  • Assistance for Language Courses.

    And Afterverse has several open positions and announces new positions constantly. Access the company’s careers page, see which opportunities fit your professional profile and good luck!

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