General Motors Changes Its Mind About Resuming Chevrolet Bolt Production

General Motors will not resume production of the Chevrolet Bolt until LG has guarantees that the car’s batteries are 24%. According to Reuters, the US automaker has a new deadline to resume manufacturing its only electric vehicle: October. The decision, however, could be revised if the South Korean company does not have a suitable response to the problem, which caused the recall of all units of the vehicle worldwide.

  • GM cancels the arrival of the new Chevrolet Bolt in Brazil
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  • Analysis | Chevrolet Bolt is the most rational electric car available in Brazil
  • The planning foresaw the return of production of the car to

    September, but a new fire in a parked Chevrolet Bolt was enough to make General Motors change its mind. This case even changed the guidelines for car users, who now cannot park them in closed environments such as buildings and malls, causing even more irritation.

    The assembler is already working with an extended deadline for solving the problems of all Bolts already manufactured. Although it has not yet been defined whether the 35 thousand cars produced between 2017 and 2021 will need to carry out a complete replacement of the batteries or the entire supply system, it may be that the work done jointly by LG and General Motors for the entire recall take up to a year.

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    The idea of ​​the recall was to correct a fault in the anode flap and in the separator, which causes recent fires in some units of the automobile around the world. Later, it was discovered that this failure was chronic and that it would be necessary to change the batteries of all Bolts produced, whether they were the old or the new generation. Therefore, General Motors called all users of the car to perform this procedure.

    As General Motors gives an eight-year warranty for the batteries, all costs will be borne by the automaker – which must be reimbursed by LG. The total price of repairs could reach $1.8 billion.

    In Brazil, everything is the same 2021

    The launch of the new Bolt in Brazil was scheduled for the month of September, but had to be postponed due to the recall, which is also happening here.

    Source: Reuters

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