How to Immediately Erase Your Apple Watch Screen

To erase your Apple Watch screen, there are a few ways, such as moving your arm back to back after using it, activating Cinema Mode via the Control Center of the watchOS, or wait for your device’s screen saver time.

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However, there is also another alternative, much faster and simpler, for the screen of your Apple smartwatch to go off immediately — a trick that even advanced watch users don’t know about.

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How to make your Apple Watch screen go blank gue immediately

Step 1: with the lit Apple Watch screen on your arm, use your other hand to cover it completely, touching the palm of your hand to the screen of your device, covering it completely.

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Fully cover the screen on your Apple Watch with your other hand. Photo: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

And that’s it, your Apple Watch screen will immediately go blank, without you having to move your arm or wait for the set screen rest time.

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