Hellboy creator returns to producing comics after 5 years with new character

Acclaimed writer and artist Mike Mignola re-signs the artwork for a comic book after a five-year break. But if you were expecting a new comic from Hellboy, his most famous creation, we have bad news. The story will be published by Dark Horse and takes place in hell, but it doesn’t feature the iconic character.

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Sir Edward Grey: Acheron

, a single-edition story, even takes place in the “Mignolaverse”, but the protagonist this time is a paranormal investigator of the century 19 cursed with eternal life thanks to the time he spent in Hell.

Sir Edward Grey’s Cover: Acheron (Picture : Disclosure/Dark Horse)

According to Newsarama, the last time Mignola drew a comic was

Hellboy in Hell #16

, which according to the artist, scored or the end of the Hellboy character. The publisher advertises the release as “the next chapter in the Hellboy Universe”, which may indicate an extension of this universe beyond its most popular hero.

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It is worth noting that, although I have gone through this hiatus without writing, drawing and finalizing a In his own comic, the celebrated author created some special art over the years, such as the recent cover for a publication linked to the reboot of He-Man by Kevin Smith on Netflix.

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Sir Edward Grey’s creative team completes: Acheron the colorist Dave Stewart, who has worked with Mignola for years, and the lyricist Clem Robins. The series will be edited by Katii O’Brien and will go on sale in the US on December 1st.

Source: Newsarama

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