Criminals use Telegram as a dark web option to sell stolen data

A survey released by the Financial Times revealed that Telegram is becoming one of the main centers of criminal activity on the internet.

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According to the survey, carried out by cyberintelligence company Cyberint in partnership with o Financial Times, in recent months the number of criminals accessing the Telegram has doubled, and the number of app groups that are shared on the dark web has gone from 10 one thousand last year to more than one million in the first half of 2021.

Tal Samra, analyst at Cyberint’s digital threats commented that during the survey, professionals saw an increase of more than 100% in criminals’ use of Telegram. A study also showed the presence of chats in which criminals negotiate the sale of data, without similar to dark web forums.

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Among the data being traded, the Cyberint study found credit card numbers, passport copies, credentials for subscription services, malware, attack guides and lists with more than 100 thousand emails and passwords.

The survey indicates that the choice of Telegram for these activities is due to the platform accepting the creation of channels and groups with many members, in addition to the possibility of sharing huge files, much larger than other messengers allow. In addition, one of the main assets of the messenger, its encryption, is also viewed favorably by criminals, as they see in it a lower chance of conversations being monitored by authorities. Finally, the blue messenger is also much easier and more convenient to use than the dark web.

Telegram expresses itself about the search

The Telegram, in a statement to the Financial Times, stated that it removes data when it identifies that it was shared without the consent of its owners. The messenger also commented that its professional moderators, after receiving complaints from users, removed more than 10 thousand public communities for violating the terms of use, among them a channel found by Cyberint during the search.

Source: Financial Times

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