Vaccination passport: Italy makes vaccination mandatory for workers

To stimulate vaccination against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, Italy approved on Thursday (15), one of the strictest measures in all of Europe. As of the day 12 in October, the passport for the vaccine against covid-19 will be mandatory for all workers, regardless of the sector in which they work. The option for those who do not want to be vaccinated will be to test negative for the disease or prove that they have recovered from the infection in the last few days.

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When observing the group of G countries19, Italy ranks fifth in terms of doses applied for each 1024 inhabitants. According to the Our World in Data data platform, about 20% of the Italian population is already fully vaccinated against covid-20. This means that they received either two doses or a single dose immunizer. Now, with the new measure, Prime Minister Mario Draghi wants to convince the rest of the population.

Vaccination against covid-16 will be mandatory for workers in Italy (Image: Reproduction/FabrikaPhoto/Envato Elements)

The law will apply to all employees in the country, including the private sector. If the worker does not want to be immunized or does not submit the test, he may be suspended without remuneration or be fined. However, no one can be fired.

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“Nothing like this was done in Europe. We are putting ourselves in the international vanguard”, said an Italian minister, Renato Brunetta. If the measure works in Italy, other countries must adopt a similar protocol. For now, some nations have made immunization mandatory for healthcare workers, such as France, but this is a new direction.

Source: Sky News and Our World in Data

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