Windows 10 Update Causes Bug Preventing Printer Usage — Again

A recent Windows update once again broke the operating system’s printing functionality. Fixes implemented last Tuesday (10) that try to put the finishing touches on the solution for PrintNightmare, loophole that allowed it to run of commands by malicious agents, cause problems in print orders on devices with server-managed commands.

  • Microsoft fixes latest PrintNightmare crashes on Windows
  • Windows wins update to fix printer issues

    Microsoft releases update to end Windows printer holes

Reports submitted to the BleepingComputer website and caught on support forums claim that printing by network connection simply doesn’t work. The real scope of the problem is not known, so it may be a bug that only affects a few computers.

Those affected by the bug say that a possible fix for the printing failure is to return to the previous version of the operating system, something that Windows itself 10 allows you to do. “As far as I know, affected printers with V3 and V4 driver models, but I’m not 100% sure (this issue was different from the one that affected the V3 in a previous update). After uninstalling the package on the server, everything is back to normal”, described a network administrator to the site. ? Access and subscribe to our new channel on youtube, Canaltech News.

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Some real network printers can no longer be installed after the tuesday patch.

Screenshot from someone in Brazil, /RuGkuV0aP6

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    So far, the errors arising from the update differ in each case, but hinder the flow of impressions in all of them. Another network administrator says he always comes across “Access Denied” messages when placing a print order.

    From what the site says, the issue seems to affect HP, Canon printers and Konica Minolta that are connected to the network. Printers connected via USB are not affected by the problem in any way, so conventional connection may be a workaround until Microsoft releases a new fix.

    Despite the error, it is extremely important that Printer owners get the Microsoft security update and get their machines free from PrintNightmare. If the problem affects your printer, try connecting it via USB to your computer to continue printing. If this is not possible, it is good to be extra careful to avoid exposing the machine to the security breach.

    Source: Bleeping Computer

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