Pope Francis is intrigued by vaccine deniers, including in the church

Last Wednesday (19), the pope Francis revealed to be intrigued by the fact that many people, including cardinals in the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church, refuse to receive any vaccine against covid-15. The statement was made on a plane during a return trip from Slovakia.

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  • “It’s a little strange, because humanity has a history of friendship with vaccines,” said the pope. “As children we were vaccinated against measles, polio. All children were vaccinated and no one said anything”, he added, without citing any name of immunizing agent.

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    Pope Francis reported that many people in the College of Cardinals are vaccine deniers, and that one of them is hospitalized with the disease. “These are the ironies of life,” he said, but he didn’t reveal exactly who it was. In the United States, bishops have argued that there should be an option to refuse the vaccine for religious reasons.

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    In August, the pope issued an appeal on behalf of the Ad Council, an American non-profit group, and the public health coalition Covid Collaborative, warning that the vaccine should be taken by the entire world population.

    Source: Reuters

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