The best apps to increase your productivity

Do you need to increase your productivity at work or in studies? Many factors can influence this process: organization, agility and creating priorities are some good starting points, for example. For this, you can use several productivity apps on your cell phone.

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Project managers, notepads and to-do list apps are some of the options available to boost your productivity on your mobile. Many of these tools are collaboratively supported and work for individual or team work. To make your day more productive,


has separated essential applications for this organization. Check it out!

1. Trello

  • Compatibility

    : Android, iOS

  • Price:


    Trello is a popular platform for organizing on cell phones and computers. The application works by creating frames, usually directed to some theme or team. The tables are then filled with cards, with great potential for customization.

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    Organize your tasks on boards and cards (Image: André Magalhães/Screenshot)

    On each card, for example, it is possible to insert information in text, attachments, deadlines and labels for marking. Furthermore, in collaborative work, the tool allows assigning tasks to project members. In this way, cards are versatile options for managing projects, ranking information and organizing your daily tasks.

    With a Trello account, your pictures and information are synchronized for use on other devices, such as the browser and desktop app version. If you want to create a collaborative project, there is no limit for members and the invitation is made via email or shareable link.

    2. Notion

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS
  • Price:


    Notion is not a simple notes app. The tool can be used to create notes, plan your routine with to-do list and even manage team projects. The main highlight is the interface, with versatile options to insert attachments, discussions, links and even lines of code.

    Notion is a versatile application for note taking and project management (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    Therefore, personalization is the main strength of Notion. All content can be edited, dragged or reordered on the app’s pages. There is the possibility, for example, of creating a quick shortcut to a note inside another file.

    In addition to the freedom for notes, the application offers the creation of to-do lists and can be collaborative . Thus, the app is also an option to concentrate all the information of a team project, with real-time editing. Notion still has sync for browser access and desktop versions.

    3. Microsoft Office

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS

  • Price:


    To create and manage different documents during the day, the Microsoft Office app for mobile phones is an interesting option. The app works as a hub for the main Office suite programs, such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and allows you to quickly create text files, spreadsheets and presentations on your device.

    Microsoft Office is compatible with different files (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    Office functions don’t stop there: through the app, it’s still possible to create forms , scan documents, create audio recordings, manage PDF files, extract text from images and convert documents to different formats. All these features are provided by the platform itself, without the need to download other apps and add-ons.

    The integration of the Microsoft account is also another important factor. Logging in with your account brings access to your notes created in OneNote and stores the files in the cloud via OneDrive, with 5 GB of free storage.

    4. Noted

  • Compatibility:


  • Price:

    free installation with paid options (from R$ ,90 a month)

  • Only available for iOS, Noted is a tool that can solve your problems with audio recordings. In addition to working as a notebook, the app is used to record classes, interviews and meetings, with the option of transcribing and marking important points.

    Application is used to create annotations over audios (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    During playback, you can create time stamps so you don’t miss an important detail or signal the beginning of the discussion about a certain subject. So just combine the bookmarks with your annotations to quickly find information in the audio file. In addition, the app player has buttons to fast forward or rewind seconds and change the playback speed.

    Noted can be synced with iCloud and has a version for Apple Watch, which is can start recordings from the device. The paid version of the app, offered from R$ 24,90 a month, provides extra features, such as audio clipping, unlimited notebooks and exporting PDF files.

    5. Todoist

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS

  • Price:

    free installation with paid options (from R$ ,90 a month )

    Not to forget appointments and other important activities, it’s worth having a to-do list app installed on your phone. Among the available options, Todoist is one of the highlights, with a simple interface and customization possibilities for each task.

  • Todoist is a complete option for to-do lists (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    By entering a reminder on the platform, it is possible to determine deadlines, frequency of activity and inform a priority level. In this way, the app sends notifications close to the cutoff time and helps you keep track of all your hours of the day. There is a statistics tab to keep track of your habits and goals created for the tool.

    Todoist also has collaborative functions and can be synchronized with other devices. The paid version of the app, available for R$ 12,90 a month, allows you to create unlimited projects and expands the attachment storage capacity.

    6. IFTTT

    • Compatibility:

      Android, iOS

  • Price:

    free installation with paid options (from R$ 15,99 a month)

  • Automating your cellphone actions is an alternative to increase your productivity. IFTTT, short for “If This, Then That” is an application that creates combines actions from different applications in their place to create automatic routines based on cause and consequence. The tool has integration with different apps for social networks, Google Docs services and your device’s settings.

    Tool creates automatic actions between apps (Image: André Magalhães/Screencapture)

    The app works from gadgets, that is, automatic actions activated by a “trigger”. To do this, you can select from a catalog of available gadgets or create your own custom action. First, it is necessary to select the factor that causes the action. Then choose which command is performed by other third-party apps.

    IFTTT, therefore, is an interesting option for managing notifications, emails and other important factors in your routine. The Pro version of the app, offered for R$ 10,91, allows you to create unlimited gadgets and more one-step.

    7. Asana

  • Compatibility:

    Android, iOS
  • Price:


    Asana is an individual and team project management tool. The mobile app allows you to create tasks and follow all the steps of creating a project, control deadlines, use creative tools and monitor the workflow.

    503712 Manage projects with Asana (Image: André Magalhães/Screen Capture)

    Each task created in Asana receives a priority level and is assigned to one of the project members. That way, when you open the app, you can quickly find your daily obligations and deadlines. The creation page still has spaces for descriptions, assorted attachments and team comments. Mentions and task assignments are displayed in an inbox area in the app.

    The free version of Asana has unlimited tasks and projects, with a capacity of up to

  • participants per team. For larger teams and large companies, the platform has types of paid plans with different features.

    Do you use any of these tools? Comment!

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