Hyundai Puts Robot Dog Spot to Monitor Seoul Factory Security

After the announcement that the robot dog Spot is able to dodge obstacles and recalculate routes, Hyundai announced today (17) that will place the machine to monitor the safety of one of its factories. Owner of Boston Dynamics, acquired in June, the South Korean car manufacturer decided to offer a job for the puppy, in order to give it a utilitarian functionality.

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Spot will now have the role of Factory Safety Service Robot and will monitor employee activities to ensure that nothing deviates from the expected safety standard. The machine was adapted to carry out this type of inspection and the idea is to conduct the experiments at home first and then offer the solution to the market.

This adapted version has sensors to detect temperature rise (Image: Playback/Hyundai )

To start the pilot, a factory was chosen in Seoul, capital from South Korea, from the subsidiary Kia Motors. The robot is equipped with a thermal camera (3D LiDAR) that scans the environment for high temperatures (which would indicate a fire) and open or closed doors — in case you need to evacuate. If it identifies something wrong, it will send an alert via a secure website linked to the factory command office.

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Just like the traditional version, Spot has a set of cameras used to share images and data in real time with controllers, in addition to working in standalone mode or by remote command. According to Hyundai, this is the first collaboration project since the purchase of Boston Dynamics, but others should follow.

If the tests are positive, Hyundai can market the robot as a security tool (Image: Reproduction/Hyundai)

O The giant’s goal is to make the robot protect people in industrial plants, acting on detection before accidents occur. If all goes well, Spot may start to be more coveted by companies, after all it would be a relatively cheap investment — US$ 7,000 or R$ 17 thousand — to ensure the safety of employees.

For now, it is still a collector’s item, reminiscent of science fiction movies and series, and without a use practical for most companies. See an explanatory video about this “new version” of Spot:

Source: Hyundai

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