Uber is ordered to pay R$4,000 in moral damages to the passenger

An Uber trip that ended up at the police station in February 30 became a conviction for moral damages for the company. The fight started because the passenger confused the payment method and chose the cash option. At the end of the race, she had no way to pay and asked the driver to charge her on the next trip. are employees of the company

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  • He did not accept, not the he let her out of the car and took her against her will to the police station. The passenger asked to get out of the vehicle and called the police against the driver. According to her, during the trip to the police station, she was offended by the partner of the application and suffered racial insult.

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    The victim also filed a complaint with Uber, but was told that the company “did not have the capacity to provide any assistance related to the incident”. In addition, she was instructed to make a formal complaint to the platform instead of making a police report (BO) about the case.

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    The victim’s initial request was of R$ 30 thousand. The sentence indicates that he is partially valid and, with that, the indemnity was defined at R$ 4 thousand. Judge Oriana Piske, from the 4th Special Civil Court of Brasília, made the decision. “The plaintiff’s request to leave the amount of the pending charge is not out of the possibilities offered by the defendant”, says the magistrate.

    Second instance

    Image: Disclosure/Uber

    The platform appealed to the second instance and says that it is not responsible for the service and attitude of the driver. The appeal, however, was rejected by the 2nd Appeal Panel of the Special Courts of the Federal District last Friday (). According to the magistrates, the consumer trusts Uber in the expectation that the platform regulates the quality of the service.

    For the Court, the payment of compensation for moral damages has an educational character. The decision emphasizes that the measure is justified by the “distressing and vexing” situation the passenger went through.

    The report of Canaltech contacted Uber to find out about the company’s position on the case. The company says it finds the use of any kind of violence unacceptable. “We hope that partner drivers and users do not get involved in fights and arguments and that they immediately contact law enforcement authorities whenever they feel threatened. The company is always available to the authorities to collaborate with investigations, in accordance with the law.”

    Source: Jornal Jurid

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