Positivo Twist Tab infant tablet review | Low cost but low yield

The Twist Tab is a tablet model from Positivo that clearly focuses on being used by children, whether for its themed box or for its included accessories.

The model has two variants, being the Twist Tab (T600KC) the “common” model, themed by Positivo’s “Dedolecos” mascots. The other model is the Twist Tab Minions (T770KM) , customized as its name implies, with sounds and themed wallpaper of the Minions characters, from Dreamworks.

Both models are identical, it is up to the user to choose between the “normal” option ” or “Minions”. In this second option, there is also in the Twist Tab package a cover (naturally themed with Minions) and a small “backpack” the exact size of the tablet (also following the theme), being in practice a second cover for the tablet.

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The normal model (with the characters “Dedolecos”) has only a rubberized cover without theming (orange) on the packaging and does not come with a “mini-backpack” as it happens in the other edition.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

      • Affordable price;
      • Children’s theme in accessories.


    • Low performance;
      • Screen lower than expected;
    • Insufficient battery for normal use.

    Check the current price al do Twist Tab

    Design and Construction

    Both Twist Tab variations are identical, leaving character customization just for their accessories, so don’t be disappointed when handling both off their covers (and “mini-backpack” in the case of the ” Minions”) and not notice any difference between the models.

    The back of both is made of plastic and has the Positivo logo in the center, with volume and tablet activation buttons located on the right side. The device’s screen usage is within the normal range for this segment of affordable tablets, displaying thick borders above and below the display, as well as considerable stripes on the sides.

  • Dimensions: , 2 x 241 x 9.3 mm;

Weight: 364 g (with Wi-Fi).

All Twist Tab entries are located on top of it, side by side. The user can insert their memory card (micro SD type) there to expand the tablet’s internal storage. Beside, the Micro USB connection ports (for charging) and the audio output of the device are present.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)


There are several flaws in one of the main purposes of the Twist Tab: its seven-inch screen. It runs at insufficient resolution of 800 x 600 pixels, making the overall reading experience and content consumption poor on the device. Menus with small texts, details on the pages of any website and basic activities on the device always cause fatigue faster than they should, given the compromised visualization.

Another point that makes use tiring and unpleasant of the Twist Tab is its LCD panel having a problematic backlight that is clearly poorly distributed or poorly executed, severely limiting the viewing angles of the screen causing color inversion, excessive brightness and contrast distortions in random areas of the display in response to the slightest possible movement .

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

It’s common to see flaws on cheaper tablet screens, but almost all the possible problems of a “not at all pleasant” panel happen at the same time in Twist Tab, including the excessive reflection of the environment on the images (which are already harmed by the backlight of the tablet and the low resolution of the panel l).

The impression given by the device is clear: its use will always be made in short periods, for a brief consultation of something to resolve any simple issues, given the discomfort of using it .

We’ll talk more about this “short use” as we comment on the tablet battery.

Setup and Performance

The Twist Tab is not designed for performance, this is visible through the choices that move the tablet. Your processor (chipset) is a Rockchip RK3326, a quad-core of 1 .5 GHz. The set has only 1 GB of RAM, ensuring bottlenecks for the tablet’s already low processor power. This generates in the system an eternal dispute between memory management and task overload.

Complementing everything, we have 15 GB of internal storage (with support for Micro SD cards), normal amount of storage for low-end devices cost and modest performance.

During all the tests, our units for analysis of the Twist Tab “normal” and “Minions” showed slowness in all steps of configuration, navigation through the systems and also during all sorts of trivial operations, including typing surveys, app names and message exchanges.

We can guarantee that the user (whether he is the responsible adult or a child) will have to deal with periods waiting times when using the Twist Tab, even when entering characters to wish you “good morning”. There is a persistent sluggishness that extends from virtual keyboards and menus, to interactions with the volume control button, a basic and natural experience of any device that, unfortunately, is part of the experiences compromised by the tablet’s overall slowness.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)
If the user’s idea is to purchase this device for games in general, here is our warning that there will be no satisfactory performance even in less demanding and optimized titles from the Play Store, given the outdated and insufficient configuration of the device.

Despite all the waiting and execution problems, there is a clear mention on the packaging of the Twist Tab about “parental control”, something that makes perfect sense for the colorful proposal and full of children’s characters. The entire product identity revolves around this, from the tablet case to the rubberized cover (also themed) included in the package.

In fact there is a “parental control” in Android 8 Oreo ( version GO), however, it is just the “Google Family Link”. This default system feature works great for controlling content and apps for kids and teens, but it’s always worth pointing out that almost any Android device can easily have the feature installed by any user who wants to limit a child’s usage. Therefore, contrary to what the manufacturer advertises on the product box, there is no difference for the Twist Tab to have the Family Link pre-installed.

But all this is directly questioned by the company itself. Positive by including in both tablets (clearly focused on children) an ad system from the company itself, called “Canal Positivo Notifica”. When connecting our units to the first configuration, we noticed that advertisements (such as Banco BTG Pactual, TikTok and Kwai) were displayed in large quantities and with thematic incompatible for the target audience of the tablet.

It is not possible to remove the “Positive Channel” from the device, but it is possible to disable it in the tablet’s settings. This will be necessary if the user does not want intrusive ads in the system, as, by default, the ad delivery will be enabled and fully functional from the first contact with the Twist Tab.

Front Camera

The Positivo Twist Tab doesn’t have a camera on the back, something that makes sense by the price range of the device and also fits within the logic of “tablets”, in situations where the front camera has higher importance than the rear (especially in times of video lessons, video calls and the like).

The unit has 2MP resolution, insufficient for virtually any acceptable use of the tablet, both because of the small image size and its heavy grain and poor registration of colors and details in general. Even for video calls, the camera is poor and should be avoided as a “serious” feature in Twist Tab. Present in the model “for emergencies” or absolute necessity, the camera has no control panels, customizations or any possible settings in the native application .

Sound System

The Twist Tab has only one sound output, located on its back, near the bottom right corner. This setting is outdated by itself, reminiscent of older Android devices and has been out of circulation for many years.

This lone speaker unit can’t handle most sounds well, making everything extremely sharp and lifeless. The tablet experience ends up being almost “optimized only for voices”, something that disappoints when listening to any music, consuming any type of video, movie and the like on the device.

To make the experience acceptable, it will be mandatory for the user to connect bluetooth or traditional headphones through the 3.5 mm output (type P2) on the top of the product, making the insufficient rear sound output only necessary for notifications and the like.

Battery and Charging

Although normal size for a tablet seven inches, the Twist Tab is low on battery power. The expectation for this size is that the device has a charging capacity between 3.05 mAh and 5.000 mAh at least.

Inside the Tab, we have insufficient 2.600 mAh load to keep the device’s everyday activities always at the limit. It is perfectly common to observe the percentage of the battery “dropping” in real time, menacingly following the passage of minutes there, right next to the Android system clock.

An important observation: there is none support for fast charging on the Twist Tab. Therefore, using the device for two hours and draining its battery necessarily means waiting another two hours of charging until a second (equally short) session of use on the battery is possible. Therefore, avoid this tablet if the proposed use involves staying away from electrical outlets to keep the Tab active and functional for an entire day.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech )

Direct Competitors

Within Positivo’s own catalog, there are equally limited and low-performance options, as well as the Twist Tab in its T versions800KC and T600KM that we cover in this review.

Starting with the direct competitor, we have the T version 770KB of the Twist Tab family, identical to the models analyzed here, but with even less battery: 2. mAh.

Going to an option that is still limited — but more stable in use — we can mention the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 (2019). It also has low performance and affordable price, but is less problematic than the Twist Tabs analyzed and cited here.


Despite offering er an inviting price and interesting themes for the accessories included in the package, there is nothing different about the Positivo Twist Tabs compared to any outdated and low-performance tablet on the market. The entire product’s appeal comes down to a colorful cape and miniature Minions backpack. Therefore, they are just plain, slow (but good looking) tablets.

These can be purchased separately for most devices that deliver equal or higher yields. Therefore, the best option is to ignore “Minions” and “mascots” included in the Twist Tab and buy tablets with more RAM memory and more competent screens, whether from Positivo or any other manufacturer.

(Image: Ivo/Canaltech)

If If your budget is tight, you better save the money and wait a little longer to buy a Galaxy Tab A8 (800). It is considerably more expensive than Positivo’s model — running between R$ 600 and BRL 1,000 — but at least it’s a functional tablet.

But if you’re interested in knowing the best price for this product, check out our link below:

  • Positive Twist Tab on offer

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