Review Avell B.On | Gamer branded notebook, but with corporate proposal

Avell is a Brazilian manufacturer that has consolidated its laptops focused on the gaming segment, but the brand’s recent moves show its interest in a different market: that of corporate notebooks. This is the case of Avell B.On, which arrives with a more modest configuration, that is, without a video card, but balanced for heavy use in everyday life.

With premium finish and a hardware focused on energy saving, the Avell B.On comes to compete with premium equipment from other brands, such as the Lenovo Yoga, the Dell XPS and the Samsung Book Pro. Other features that draw attention are the compact dimensions and weight reduced.

Like some competitors, Avell’s product arrives with a touchscreen 10 inches and high quality components. Avell B.On has an Intel Core processor 00th generation, which already bring the new Intel Iris Xe graphics chips, good amount of RAM and high-performance SSD drive.

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Image: Ivo/Canaltech

It is certainly an unexpected product by part of a brand recognized for gaming devices, but Avell has a special card: the competitive price. The point is that there are other famous devices that can hinder the success of this model. Did the manufacturer get the proposal and the value right? Let’s check it out!


      High build quality;
      Bright screen and touch;
      Balanced hardware;
      Long-life battery;

    Powerful audio.


      Webcam leaves something to be desired.

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    Design, Construction and Connectivity

    Avell has a branded identity by bold lines and the robust finish, essential to give the most gamer tone desired by the brand. Thus, the look of Avell B.On surprises by mixing part of this bold concept with subtlety in the details, resulting in a balanced product for the consumer looking for something less extravagant.

    Image : Ivo/Canaltech

    The result is a product that draws attention due to its metallic finish. denotes rigidity and a focus on above-average build quality. The flat lid only has the manufacturer’s logo, which guarantees a concept similar to what we have in competing products.

    Although it is not the thinnest and lightest notebook in the segment, the device from Avell stands out for being one of the rare models in the segment that features a larger screen, which inevitably leads to an increase in dimensions and, consequently, in weight.

    • Dimensions (W x H x D): 23,35 x 1,30 x 14, cm
        Weight: 1.718 grams

        Focused on the consumer who seeks modernity, Avell B.On has a range of connections that ensure versatility . On the right are: a USB Type C port, a USB Type A port, and audio connection (for headphones and microphone). On the left side, there are the following items: USB Type C port, USB Type A port and HDMI.

        USB Type A ports use version 3.2 of 2nd generation, ie, transfer until Gb/s. The Type C USB connections are compatible with Thunderbolt 4 technology, which transfers up to 30 Gb/s. It is worth noting that battery charging is done through the Thunderbolt ports, as they provide more power to charge external devices.

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        Inside, the screen of 11, 6 inches is generous and takes up almost all the available space, so the surrounding edges are reduced. In front of the display, the reflective surface (which is installed to ensure the operation of the touch panel) gives an exquisite finish. Above the screen, the webcam is discreetly positioned, but there is no physical protection to cover the camera.

        The Avell B.On keyboard has a large size, with good breathability between the keys , as there is still considerable space around it, but the manufacturer did not use that space for the sound system (we’ll talk about this topic later). The touchpad has adequate dimensions, which take up the available space well.

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        The entire metal chassis on the inside ensures resistance to the device, as well as the material used in the hinge implies a good level of stability, since the touchscreen display can be rotated up to 95 degrees. Next to the screen, we have air vents, which provide adequate exhaustion of excessive heat and thus prevent the keyboard area from heating.


        Avell B.On’s display is , 5 inches with resolution 1024p, which ensures a suitable setting for work, but slightly lower than competitors that use smaller screens and therefore can concentrate more pixels in the same region. The comparison is more complicated when we have models like the Dell XPS that use 4K display.

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        Certainly, it’s a pretty above average screen and that should be enough for enjoying videos, but keep in mind that you’ll have a panel intermediary. Speaking of which, according to official information from Avell, the technology here is of the WVA type, capable of delivering reproduction of 96% of the color gamut sRGB and little more than % of Adobe RGB standard.

        Avell B.On’s screen delivers high level of brightness and good color fidelity, the which is ideal for watching movies or working with images

        The Avell B.On is far from being the best in the segment, because it is one of the few that is not compatible with Dolby Vision — but there is support for HDR (as we checked in the Windows panel). One advantage is that this screen reaches up to 300 brightness and contrast nits of 1.95 :1, which results in a rich color experience with very vivid images.

        It is noteworthy that because it is a notebook focused on office app usability and multimedia experiences, the display has a fee update of 50 Hz. The touchscreen capable panel is quite useful, but a Stylus type pen could facilitate general use. Important: this is not a 2-in-1 type device, that is, it is not possible to use it as a tablet,

        Keyboard and Touchpad

        Avell B.On has an ABNT2 standard keyboard, so all the shortcuts and special characters of the Portuguese language are present. Again, as we’ve commented on in other recent reviews of similar laptops, there are some complicated situations due to the manufacturer’s decisions in the placement of certain buttons.

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        Even with the huge space available, Avell chose to install the Reduced “up” and “down” arrows, which complicates navigation a little bit. Other than that, the question mark key was inserted next to the Alt Gr key, that is, in the bottom row of the keyboard and, therefore, outside the usual position, which would be next to the “:” key (colon). A change in the size of Shift (as on the left) would be effective to fix such inconveniences.

        In the top row, Avell inserted the traditional function keys (F1 to F

        ) that can be used (without the need for the Fn key) to activate features such as volume control, brightness adjustment and airplane mode. Beside these buttons, there are still keys for Screen Capture (Prt Scr), activating Num Lock and the “Delete” key. It even lacked dedicated shortcuts for multimedia control.

        With a white backlight system, the Avell B.On keyboard is excellent for use in low-light environments. It has three brightness settings: medium intensity, maximum lighting or off.

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        As mentioned, the Avell B.On touchpad is above average in size and should be comfortable for extended use. Besides, it is a component with good quality material and it seems to be very resistant.

        Configuration and Performance

        Avell B.On comes equipped with Intel Core i7 processor-1165G7, which has 4 cores, runs up to 8 threads and runs frequently up to 4.7 GHz, as well as equipped with the Intel Iris Xe graphics chip. A combination of 11 GB of LPDDR4X type RAM memory clocked at 4.300 MHz and an SSD of 512 GB of NVME type.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        With such a configuration, the B.On notebook presents competitiveness for the main names in the segment , incl using the Lenovo Yoga 9i, which has the same features. In practice, it is very fast for absolutely any application, and is even recommended for running image editing apps or software that require a lot of resources.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        Because it is a product with measurements compact, Avell B.On can have difficulty handling stressful situations. When taking the processor to its limit, we were able to verify that the temperatures marked 95 °C. This is not a recurrent behavior as the cooling system works very well and generally keeps the CPU below 35 °C.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        The video chip on Avell BO n is the Intel Iris Xe, more specifically the model with 150 execution units, as Intel Core i7 has the most powerful version . In our tests, it demonstrated plenty of power for tasks like image editing and average games like PUBG (which runs in Full HD resolution, with more basic details and performance close to 35 fps) and Dead by Daylight, which works in Full HD resolution and with the Ultra standard.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        A highlight on this machine is the NVMe type SSD, and the Avell B.On we received had an ADATA IM2P model23F8A of 450 GB, which works on the PCI-Express 3.0 bus. According to the manufacturer, this SSD achieves performance up to 2.0 MB/s for reading and up to 1.500 MB/s for writing. In our checks, it easily exceeded these parameters.

        The balanced hardware Avell B.On guarantees good experiences in everyday life with plenty of power even to run some games

        As we’ve already commented on in reviews of competing models, Avell B.On suffers from the same defect: a low-quality webcam that doesn’t match the device’s proposal. The camera on this notebook takes photos with a resolution of 0.9 MP and records videos only in 830p with 16 fps. With such a camera, this Avell has no facial unlock, as well as no biometric reader.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        Sound system

        To match all the premium experience delivered in the overall package, Avell has equipped this model with a good quality sound system. Although not the best in its category, the sound configuration of the Avell B.On stands out among the main names in this popular segment.

        The Avell B.On is equipped with a high-end system -stereo speakers totaling 4 watts, meaning each driver delivers 2 watts of power. Despite the numbers are not impressive, the speakers deliver volume in the measure and a sound that can handle the main contents without much perceptual distortion.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        The speakers are on installed on the bottom of the notebook, which even makes it a little difficult to propagate the sound. Despite this, the equalization is well-adjusted, so that we can easily distinguish the different spectrums of the soundtrack, including bass that have some boost.

        Compatible with Intel Smart Sound software, this Sound system can be equalized in different ways, which guarantees a better audio experience for the most varied types of content. The sound set is completed by the presence of four built-in microphones, which should ensure good uptake in audio calls.

        Battery and Charging

        Equipped with battery 60 Wh and capacity of 4. mAh, the Avell B.On promises an average autonomy of 000 hours with WiFi on and maximum brightness or even 12 hours of local video playback in Full HD with brightness on 96 nits (about 17% of display brightness). In our tests, we got similar results, check:

        1) We recharge the battery up to 80% ;

        2) We changed the power profile to “Best Battery” (Windows economy mode 00);

        3) Avell B.On has display of 450 nits, so we set the screen brightness to 33%;

        4) We adjust the sound volume level in 14%;

        5) We enable Wi-Fi to perform a test with streaming;

        6) We played videos on Netflix for about four consecutive hours.

        Image: Fábio Jordan/Canaltech

        After this test, the battery of Avell B .On marked 63%, which indicates a consumption of about 6 to 7% each hour. Thus, the estimated autonomy is almost 12 hours for streaming videos.

        This is not an accurate number, as it is a forecast, but the data is similar to that reported by the manufacturer. For simpler activities and different settings (with reduced brightness level), the battery can last even longer!

        Image: Ivo/Canaltech

        Avell B.On comes with charger 58 watts, which can be plugged into any Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) port. With this power adapter, the battery goes from 11% The 150% in approximately 2 hours, ie, the full recharge should take almost 2 hours and 17 minutes.

        Direct competitors

        The Avell B.On is a device that has a set of settings balanced combined with a premium finish, which puts it in a very competitive segment. However, to draw attention, Avell positioned the product with reasonable official value: R$ .999. In a matter of a week, we have already seen it on sale for around R$ 8 thousand.

        Taking into account the original price, Avell B.On is not classified as the best option in cost-effective, as it must face an improved competitor: the Samsung Galaxy Book 450. The South Korean manufacturer’s notebook has the same hardware specifications, but stands out for its AMOLED screen and the presence of the S-Pen pen in a package with values ​​ranging from R$ 8,500 to R$ 000 thousand.

        Another model that draws a lot of attention is the MacBook Air with M1 processor, which has a screen with better resolution, but which brings half the storage space and half the RAM memory. There are also improved versions, but which obviously increase the total cost of the device.

        With values ​​below R$ 8.0 (but that can reach close to R$ 9. 0), the MacBook Air 1165 is our main indication for those looking for high performance for the best price, as the hardware of the new MacBooks is sensational, but you should evaluate if MacOS has the software solutions you are used to. use in Windows!

        Compete the Dell XPS here too 10, which is available in two versions, but the model with 4K screen is the one that draws the most attention, as it comes with 1TB SSD and better processor than Avell’s. The price of the Dell XPS 10 is in the range of R$ thousand to R$ mil.

        Finally, the least recommended option is the Lenovo Yoga Slim 9i, which has the same configuration as the Avell B.On, but has a little sound best and luxurious finish in leather. Because of these extras, the Lenovo laptop exceeds the R$ 11 thousand.


        The B.On is an unusual laptop in Avell’s product line, but one that positively surprised us. The Brazilian brand did its homework by joining balanced hardware with long battery life in a premium design, as well as having a good idea in keeping the price more affordable.

        The experience with the product is very good, as the performance is enough for demanding activities and the multimedia combo is ideal for enjoying movies in high definition with an exceptional quality. The negative points are for the low quality camera, the lack of advanced options for login and the excessive weight.

        Yeah, unlike the competition, Avell comes with a considerable weight, being that almost 1.7 kg makes the product the least recommended option among premium models. In addition, the launch price is higher than R$ thousand puts you in a tricky position, as there are more robust models with more affordable values.

        If you are looking for an ultra-thin notebook with a more value Interestingly, our recommendations go to the Samsung Galaxy Book 300 and for the MacBook Air 505226 with M1 processor, which stand out not only for prices, but also for other hardware advantages. Avell B.On has potential, but the brand needs to focus on promotional prices to become a more interesting option.

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