iPhone XR still worth it?

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iPhone XR is still worth it in 2020?

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With the release of the iPhone 12, the iPhone XR was discontinued by Apple. It continues to receive updates, but will no longer be sold on the brand’s official website

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With that, prices have already started to rise a lot. As the brand will no longer manufacture the model, it should become rarer in the market. That’s why the high price

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Until August, the cheapest iPhone XR cost around R$2.7 thousand, but it rose to R$3.4 thousand due to the announcement of its discontinuation.

The iPhones 12 and 11 have reduced prices and have superior photographic systems, with night mode and other recent news, so it’s hard to recommend XR at 505288

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The iPhone SE 2020, on the other hand, remains “cheap”. With this, the best choice in low-cost iPhone is no longer the XR, but the SE

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And if you can spend the BRL 3,400 from XR, it’s better to save a few more BRL 500 or R$ 400 and buy the iPhone 11

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