Sandman series will adapt some of the most complicated stories from the comic book

The Sandman series is due to hit Netflix covering some of the character’s heaviest and most complicated stories in the comics. And this is great news, as it shows that the production should not soften the themes and approaches that author Neil Gaiman brought in his stories and that helped to make the comic book a classic.

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    In an interview with Collider website, producer David Goyer spoke a little about what fans can expect about the adaptation and highlighted precisely those more complex points of the original work that will also be present in the series. According to him, the series will bring to the screen some of the deepest plots of comics and that it is precisely these episodes that he considers the most interesting.

    Second producer, all the weirdness and depth of the comic is being faithfully reproduced in the series (Image: Reproduction/DC Comics)

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    • For him, Sandman will be a very faithful adaptation of Gaiman’s cult comics — and that was the reason that the screenwriters embraced all this complexity. Therefore, he says he is very proud of the direction the series is taking.

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      All this care to talk about loyalty to the comics is quite understandable, since fans of Sandman have already shown themselves to be quite passionate about the original work and even purists in relation to any modification. So much so that, during the revelation of the cast, many even challenged Neil Gaiman himself for the choices made, as paradoxical as that may be.

      On other occasions, David Goyer already had talked a little more about the tone the series would take, describing it mainly as weird and weird, albeit in a good way. And this becomes clearer when we see him talk about the concern to bring the complexity of the original stories, which are full not only of a very heavy thematic load, but also a very dense narrative and full of symbolism. Remember that Neil Gaiman is involved in the project, which brings a lot of feedback to this entire adaptation.

      The expectation is that the series will be able to translate well all the symbolism of the original work (Reproduction/DC Comics)

      So, as much as we don’t have anything very concrete yet about Sandman, everything seems to move towards the series being really faithful to the comics. There is still no information about the plot. The only thing we know is that the show will adapt only the first two volumes of the entire saga — that it has 16 edits.

      The series will be starring Tom Sturridge, who will live none other than the character Dream. The cast also features Boyd Holbrook, Charles Dance, Mason Alexander Park and Kirby Howell-Baptiste. The actress Gwendoline Christie, from Game of Thrones, will play Lucifer.

      Source: Collider

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