Google works on a platform that mixes newsletter and social network

Google may become another Big Tech to invest in the production of newsletters, just as Facebook and Twitter did recently. The division dedicated to the development of innovative products of the company, called Area 504788, develops a project that allows the creation of newsletters as a Google Drive file — that is, in the Docs, Spreadsheets, or Presentations apps.

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So far called Museletter, the app is able to offer users the creation and publication of newsletters through from a public profile (such as on a social network) or with mailing list. The idea is to centralize all of Google’s document creation tools in one place and geared towards a purpose that is currently growing in demand. If it works out, the market dominated by Substack, Ghost and Revue could gain an important competitor.

The service would allow to disseminate newsletters for free (Image: Reproduction/Google)

Invited to comment on the matter by the TechCruch website, a spokesperson for the Area 120 I would have said that this is just one of many experiments and that it is too early to talk about it. The project’s website, however, already gives good samples of what can be expected: a monetization of Google Drive and easier publication of newsletters.

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A page of your own

In addition to creating and publishing, the Museletter would have the integration with other productivity apps to generate engagement, including the possibility of inserting paid subscription plans with access to exclusive slides in the Presentations app or tables for financial management in Sheets. All this would start from an open profile accessible from an explanatory home page, such as an electronic mini-commerce for the sale of subscriptions or files.

Photos, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Docs are some of the apps integrated into the newsletter (Image: Reproduction/Google)

One of the most interesting parts of the proposal is the integration with email lists, which can be imported from other platforms. That way, you wouldn’t need to spend money on triggering tools for your subscribers (and it’s not cheap), whether they’re paying or not — this would supposedly be manageable in the system. To monitor access, an analytics tool would deliver data on email opens, downloads and audience engagement just like other services of its kind.

New form of monetization for Google

Museletter would be completely free and would not charge fees for the sale of subscriptions. To raise money, the bet would be the delivery of premium features for those who consolidate on the platform, such as personalized domains, welcome emails and other exclusive facilities. While there are no concrete plans yet, Google could also introduce advertising plans to help deliver content to potential stakeholders, which would help with newsletter discovery and user base expansion.

It remains to be seen whether the Web Giant will have the breath to play this initiative with due attention, after all, the competitors are strong and have been in the market for longer. As this is a project, there is no scheduled launch date and it is not even possible to know if it will ever see the sunlight, but interested parties can register on the official website to receive early access as soon as it is available.

Source: TechCrunch, Museletter

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