Seagate to release new SSD for Xbox Series X and S with 512GB in November

The Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X leave the factory with an SSD of 300 GB and 1TB, respectively. However, no other generation has made it clear how little half a terabyte can be for games, and even 1 TB ends up being somewhat limited for those with larger libraries. That’s why the models are compatible with expandable storage, through a port on the back of the console.

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To take advantage of high transfer rates — especially useful for reducing screen loading times and when switching between open games — you’ll need an SSD, using the console’s proprietary default port to expand the internal storage. Therefore, after launching Xbox-looking hard drives, Seagate is preparing a new product for Microsoft consoles. aimed at the Xbox Series S and X. It would bring 512 GB — doubling the storage of the most basic console — and should bring compatibility with technologies unique to the devices.

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Seagate already has memory for Xbox Series X|S with 1 TB of capacity ( Image: Disclosure/Seagate)

A model 1TB also from Seagate, for example, supports Xbox Velocity Architecture. It offers faster loading for games optimized for new consoles. If the manufacturer’s new SSD is just a product with less storage, it can replicate the function, while reducing its final price and becoming more attractive to consumers who want to have 1TB of total space on the Xbox Serie S.

Salty price

Prices, however, may not be so inviting. While the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X cost US$ 220 and US$ 500, respectively, Seagate’s SSD expansion would charge around US$ 11. It’s just over half what Microsoft charges for the most affordable device. The price of the 1TB expansion is US$ 220.

According to the advance publication of the French store, the launch of the new SSD takes place in /. As the largest storage product was launched in Brazil — at values ​​of up to R$ 3 thousand — there are chances that the new version will arrive in the country.

Remember, the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X bring a custom PCIe 3.0 M.2 SSD internally, but it is not soldered to the main board. Anyway, those who can’t go from SSD, can use HDDs — much less fast, but more accessible, as long as they are willing to give up some exclusive functions for internal storage.

Source: On MSFT

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