How to Consult the iPhone Battery on the Apple Watch

Do you know when your iPhone is plugged into a charger away from you, perhaps in another room in your house or another room in your location? Wouldn’t it be great if you could check your device’s current battery level without having to go to it? Well then, if you have an Apple Watch, there is a very practical way to do this.

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While Apple still doesn’t release on iOS and watchOS systems — who knows one day? — a native functionality to check your iPhone’s battery level on your Apple Watch, there are simple and effective alternatives to do this, such as using the BatteryPhone app, which can be downloaded for free from the iOS App Store.

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When you download and activate it, you just need to add the complication to one of your gauges — or more than one gauge, if you prefer — and that’s it, you’ll be able to check how the charging your iPhone without having to go to it, just checking through the smartwatch on your arm.

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Complication of the BatteryPhone app, on an Apple Watch display. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)


In order for the app to run correctly and keep the battery levels up to date, it is naturally necessary that your iPhone is always on a safe distance to keep the Bluetooth connection working between your devices.

Learn in the tutorial below how to check your iPhone’s battery level directly from the Apple Watch on your wrist, through the BatteryPhone app.

Step 1:

Open the App Store on your iPhone, look for the “BatteryPhone” application ” and download it to your device.

Download the BatteryPhone app on your iPhone. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 2:

With the app downloaded, open it to explore the available notification settings and configure them however you like . If you prefer, do not touch anything on this screen, keeping the app’s default settings.

Explore the available notification settings from app. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 3:

In your iPhone’s Watch app, click to edit some of your Apple Watch displays. Locate the complications section and select some area where you want to add the BatteryPhone app.

In the iPhone Watch app, click to edit some of its dials. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 4:

in the list of available complications, search and select by BatteryPhone.

Locate and select the BatteryPhone app. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 5:

With the BatteryPhone complication selected in a certain area of ​​the screen, you will see it in your display preview on the Watch app.

See the complication of the app in its display preview. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 6:

With the watch on your wrist, find the complication in the area of ​​the screen where you added it. The app icon will show the percentage of your iPhone battery level at the top and your Apple Watch at the bottom.

Check the percentages of battery levels on your devices. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

Step 7:

If you notice that any of the percentage numbers is stopped for a certain time, without being updated, don’t worry — you can force the app to update.

To do this, click the app icon to open it on your Apple Watch screen. On the app screen, click “Update” and you’re done — after a few seconds, the battery levels will be properly updated.

Click “Update” to force update battery levels. Screenshot: Lucas Wetten (Canaltech)

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