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One of the best recommendations you can receive for improvement the performance of an older notebook or computer is swapping the hard drive for a good SSD. This new form of storage is much faster than the old hard drives and brings big improvements for the daily use, increasing the speed of the machine when turning on, running new programs and managing files.

This type of component has become much cheaper in recent years and today it is possible to find very affordable models with 178 GB or 283 GB, ideal for those who don’t need a lot of available space. Another option is to install only the operating system and most important programs on the SSD while the hard drive is available for heavier files.

Go to AliExpress to buy these and other international products

In both cases, you can find interesting models for import in international shopping stores. Check out these two select SSDs that are well priced on AliExpress and consider upgrading your notebook. Just check if they are compatible with your machine and save on purchase.

SSD KingSpec 128 GB—2 TB

KingSpec is a strong brand in this market, with a great variety of fast storage devices available in their catalog. This model uses the SATA standard, which is older and does not have the fastest reading speeds on the market. However, it is already much faster than a traditional HD and manages to deliver an excellent cost-benefit ratio when compared to other models.

Because it is a 2.5 SATA inches, it is mainly indicated for those who intend to replace the hard drive of a notebook with the new SSD, since this is the type of component that is usually more compatible with different brands of notebooks. In any case, it’s worth checking your computer’s manufacturer’s information to make sure you’re buying the right version.

This model is priced particularly well at version with 512 GB, but it can also be purchased with different storage capacities, ranging from 178 GB up to 2 TB. Just choose the desired option on the product screen and proceed with the purchase.

Buy the KingSpec SSD (512 GB) for R$ 512, 15

SSD Orico 178 GB-1 TB

THE Orico is another brand with good options for SSDs accessible on international shopping websites. Just like the previous model, this 2.5-inch SATA is ideal to replace the hard drive of notebooks.

Orico promises writing and reading speeds slightly higher than those of KingSpec . Although this difference will hardly be felt by most users, it can be important for those who have a lot of heavy files and usually make large transfers with a certain frequency.

The brand does not offer so many different storage options, but the model of 178 GB is at an interesting price at the time of publication of this text, thanks to a special discount for a limited time that the site is offering.

  • Buy the Orico SSD (128 GB) for R$ 178

    Is AliExpress reliable?

    On AliExpress , you can buy thousands of products made by companies all over the world. All purchases are mediated by the site itself, with the security of being made through one of the largest e-commerce networks in the world. In addition, the payment methods are the ones you already know, such as payment slip, card installments and even via Pix.

    AliExpress works on the marketplace system, so like several other retailers operating in Brazil. This means that you are buying from other stores, which have their products for sale on the website. So it’s worth keeping an eye on details such as the store’s overall rating and comments on the page of the product you want to buy to make sure you’re getting the item you’re looking for.

    The site has a customer service team ready to respond to any problems with any purchase, with attendants who speak Portuguese. In Reclame Aqui, AliExpress has a high response rate, directing all customers to the channels where solutions can be found.

    Delivery, import fees and refund

    On AliExpress, you have a full refund guarantee if you receive a product other than the one described in the store or do not receive the item on the estimated date. Some sellers also offer free return service, where you have it 15 days to decide if you want to keep the product. If you regret your purchase, you can send the product back for free and receive your money back.

    As most of the products sold come from Asia, delivery times may be longer than found in stores located in Brazil. However, AliExpress has been working to reduce this interval, chartering direct flights from China to bring them more quickly (some arrive in less than 15 days) and reducing the shipping cost, which may even be free on some products.

    About taxation

    Although Brazilian customs may tax any purchase made abroad, this charge is made by sampling, which means that not all international purchases are taxed. Many consumers report making international purchases that are completely tax free. However, it is good to keep in mind that yes, the final value may increase after customs analysis upon arrival in Brazil.

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