Fossilized marks found in Tibet were the art of prehistoric children

Fossilized footprints have been, and still will be, found all over the world. But in addition to foot prints, researchers have also found hand prints, and the latest discovery was in Tibet. Scientists found handprints and footprints that were made by children about 200 thousand to 280 thousand BC

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    With this, the discovery becomes the oldest evidence of human art found in the world. The research team says that the prehistoric marks are examples of Parietal art, consisting of paintings, drawings and engravings on rocky cave surfaces, even though the impressions in question did not occur in one.

    Image: Reproduction/Matthew Bennett/Bournemouth University

    The footprints and handprints were found in travertines from a hot spring, very well preserved. A travertine consists of freshwater limestone, commonly used in bathroom structures and decoration. When softened, it’s easy to leave an impression that, in the future, is hardened like rock. The researchers found five handprints and five foot prints, possibly made on purpose. Due to the sizes, the art would have been made by children aged seven (the footprints) and about years old (the hands). They arrived at the age estimate by relating the trace sizes to modern growth data.

    Also radiometric dating of the limestone was done based on uranium decomposition, and the marks then, would have happened in the middle of the Ice Age. The region where the prints were found is about 4.200 meters high, which may have actually been quite icy. in season. What is not known was whether the children belonged to our species,

    Homo sapiens
    , or maybe they were from another already extinct. On that plateau, evidence of archaic humans known as the Denisova hominid has already been found.

    You can check the full study here.

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    Source: The Conversation

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