How to translate a comment on YouTube

The option to translate comments on Youtube (Android l iOS l Web) was released to all users this Tuesday (14) and, as usual, the Canaltech will teach you how to use this feature. Available only in the mobile version, the function adds convenience to the platform, which has more than 14 languages ​​in your database.

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The feature works very intuitively: whenever the app identifies a language different from the adopted standard, the command “Translate to ” right below the comment — just like on Twitter. Here’s how to use the new feature.

Step 1: go to the Youtube app and select a video to watch;

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So far, the function has not reached the platform’s web version. (Image: Caio Carvalho /Print Screen)

Step 2: once that is done, open the Youtube comment field. To do so, use the expansion arrows on the right of the screen;

Use the expansion arrows to view the video comments.(Image: Caio Carvalho/Captura d and screen)

Step 3: when faced with a comment in another language, click on the command “Translate to “;

    All comments in foreign languages ​​will be accompanied by the command. (Image: Caio Carvalho/ Print Screen)

    Step 4: If you want to return to the original version of the text, just tap the command again.

      Tap on the resource to use it. (Image: Caio Carvalho/Screenshot)

      Done! Now you know how to translate a comment on Youtube.

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