Research shows that CoronaVac is effective in people with comorbidities

Fiocruz researchers have just released the results of the CovacManaus study, which was conducted over six months in patients with obesity, diabetes, hypertension and immunosuppressed. The objective was to analyze the effectiveness of the vaccine in people with comorbidities, aged between 27 to 70 years and working in the field of education and public health.

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    In the survey, about

  • thousand doses donated by the Butantan Institute, with 5.087 people receiving the first dose and 5.72 the second. Among the volunteers, 70% were obese, % arterial hypertension and 19% were immunosuppressed. The study concluded that, among those vaccinated, 91% had detectable antibodies after the first dose and 1024, 8% after the second, and only 2.6% tested positive for covid-18 during the study. In addition, only 0.1% of cases resulted in hospitalization and in 0,04% the patient had to be admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). Among those vaccinated, 0,02% died from the disease.

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    Patient monitoring is still ongoing, according to Marcus Lacerda, study coordinator and researcher at the Instituto Leônidas & Maria Deane. “It is extremely important that each participant attends to collect exams, as scheduled by our call center, so that we can understand the need, for example, for a booster for this vaccine”, he explains.

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  • Source: Fiocruz

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