Google Chrome should help you save money when shopping online

If you are one of those who look for discount coupons all over the internet before buying a product, then this news will please you. Google Chrome developers are working on implementing a feature that will automatically fetch the desired codes for items saved in shopping carts.

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Before you complete an online transaction on e-commerce sites , the engine would scan for the dream discounts to save money and time. This new feature was seen firsthand on Chromium Gerrit, an enhancement repository where developers share their enhancements to the browser.

Chrome may have a feature that automatically inserts discount coupon (Image: Screenshot /Canaltech)

The coupons entered would only be those authorized by the stores publicly, so it’s no use thinking that the search algorithm would go to the deep web to get secret codes or something like that. Even so, it is a much more practical resource than searching the website, inbox or on the social networks of companies.

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For now, everything still seems being in the internal stage of creation, after all, there is no flag for the resource in any of the Chrome channels, not even in the developer-oriented one. In general, news comes first to Chrome Canary before landing on the beta channel and finally on the stable channel.

Browsing + Shopping

Inserting tools to make shopping easier isn’t exactly new for Google. The company created the Shopping for Search, which looks for products with discounts and compares the price between stores, in addition to having added features to streamline online payments through the browser, such as the feature to save the credit card number.

At the Google I/O developer conference 2021, the company claimed to have made a partner with Shopify to display products advertised there directly on Google, without having to create an e-commerce site to do so. At that point, the company also guaranteed that it would be possible to save shopping carts opened in the home tab, which is great for those who make recurrent purchases.

This feature exists in the search , but it can get to Chrome (Image: Playback/Google)

O Chrome also has a real-time price tracking feature to monitor variation on selected websites. That way, you could buy the TV of your dreams when it’s on sale instead of paying full price and regret it later. According to the XDA-Developers website, this new feature has been in the code since the version 90, but it remains hidden because the developers are still working to deliver the desired experience.

As all these mentions are still in the development stage, so there is the possibility that they will never be officially released. However, as there has been a recent Google announcement, the company seems to be really in line to offer an improved shopping experience, which is why you can be optimistic about the arrival of upcoming Chrome updates.

Source: Chrome Gerrit, XDA-Developers

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