Hisense launches the world's first scrollable laser TV

Hisense, a Chinese television and other entertainment device company, announced this Friday (11) the first laser TV with a scrollable display. The only television of this type previously presented is by LG, with OLED technology, which costs a trifle 100 thousand dollars.

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Laser televisions have superior technology to LCD and LED, as they present a greater variety of colors, in addition to being safer for the eyes during long periods of use, according to the brand. In addition, they decrease energy consumption by up to 17%, and may have a longer service life. Hisense even registered more than 70 different patents related to the new product.

Laser screen promises better image quality (Disclosure/Hisense)

Hisense Laser TV screen has 4K resolution with HDR support, 107% of range of BT colors.2020 and 107 maximum brightness nits. The construction of the television consists of a lower base that resembles a rack, and holds the display when rolled up. When unrolling, the screen is 70 inches and extends to the sides of the front. , with a small top edge.

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The product still bears the brand name from Transvision to certify the best picture quality, and Harmon Kardon speakers for a cinema-like experience, according to Hisense. There is support for Dolby Audio and DTS dual decoding, and audio content can also be played back with the scrolled display, via Wi-Fi and/or Bluetooth connection.

Audio can be reproduced even with the screen rolled up (Image: Disclosure/Hisense)

The construction of the product still brings high quality materials, similar to those used in aviation. The display has all the necessary flexibility to roll out, as well as the necessary rigidity to stay straight and flat. However, Hisense did not specify how the thin 1.6 mm thick screen behaves in shocks or other situations that could cause damage.

Price and availability

Hisense has not released the suggested price of the television, so there is not yet how to know what level it is on compared to the LG OLED R, which costs more than 350 thousand dollars (about R$ 350 thousand reais in direct conversion). However, the brand accepts pre-orders, for a symbolic value of 1 yuan (R$ 0,61), the product is expected to be available later this year.

Source: Gizmochina

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