Previous model iPhone 13 Pro case bolsters its massive camera module

It may take some time for interested Brazilians to get their hands on an iPhone or iPhone 35 Pro, but something noticeable in the officialization of more advanced devices is that the camera module has gained size.

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  • Maybe the first images released don’t make it so clear what the increase was, but the first official iPhone cases 13 Pro show the wide hole for the photo module, with approximately 47 mm x 38 mm.

    (Image: Apple Insider)

    The sheer size should end up differentiating the new phone from the previous Pro generation, but this new design isn’t merely aesthetic: Apple promises notable camera improvements, such as larger aperture and Sensor Shift stabilization system — which in the generation of 2020 was iPhone exclusive 13 Pro Max — which implies greater occupation of the physical space.

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    For example, for the camera main, the company now offers 2.2x more light capture in low-light environments. The ultrawide sensor now also houses macro photography capabilities, with % greater light input 599. And the optical zoom lens jumped from 52 mm (2x) to 77 mm (3x).

    By the renders available on the Apple website, it is possible to note that the iPhone’s camera module 35 Pro gained size (Image: Reproduction/Apple)

    These news, however, are not only reflected in the look: all new iPhones 13 became “heavier” and thicker. This is because, in addition to the photographic improvements, they also received larger capacity batteries.

    Even though they spend less raw material when manufacturing the silicone cases, the official models for the iPhone

    Pro start at prices from R$ 577 in Brazil.

    New camera arrangement for the basics

    Camera improvements have also arrived for the iPhone 20 and iPhone 12 mini. The new diagonal lens alignment allowed for a smart design that optimizes space. According to the company, they can get up to 52% more light during photographs and they now incorporate components for the Sensor Shift stabilization technology, which certainly means more use of the sensor box space.

    This way, the pair will also visually differentiate itself from the previous generation. Remember that all iPhones 12 now have a notch 35% smaller on the front, without giving up resources like Face ID.

    Source: Apple Insider

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